‘The Yes that Burns’ — Entrepreneur Addiction Radio #28 with Loral Langemeier

2 min read • Mar 11, 2012 • Dan Bischoff

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Loral Langemeier has been coaching others to make more money ever since she made her first $1 million. In this episode, we interviewed Loral about her new book, “Yes Energy: The Equation to do Less and Make More,” which is quickly gaining ground on the New York Times Bestseller list. For business owners, her advice helps you focus on the tasks that really move your business forward. Plus, she’s a fireball who might have had a little too much caffeine on the morning we spoke …

Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones, and enjoy the conversation:

Highlights of “The Yes that Burns”

  • Loral Langemeier
  • YES! Energy
  • Skiing in Tahoe
  • Why you should say yes first, and then figure out how
  • The Success Equation
  • Why entrepreneurs hesitate/say no
  • What entrepreneurs should NOT be doing
  • Do less/make more
  • Make rain
  • Has Yes ever burned you?
  • Learning from life lessons
  • Get off your butt
  • How to grow sales based off YES! Energy
  • How to turn the economy around
  • Why America is so lazy and entitled
  • Steps to get YES! Energy
  • Think “How” to get more cash
  • The difference between being busy and being productive
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Why Loral’s family thinks she’s absolutely crazy
  • Create the business that supports the life you want
  • How to change your life and build your business when you don’t have enough cash
  • Focus on how much you need to sell every day
  • Move your feet fast as Hell
  • Stop listening to those who haven’t created the results you want

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