‘Being Popular Sucks’ — Entrepreneur Addiction #35 with Erika Napoletano a.k.a. Redhead Writing

4 min read • Apr 30, 2012 • Dan Bischoff

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A company’s first mistake might be to please every single person on the planet. Successful brands — whether they are small companies or large organizations — understand the opposite is true, that popularity should be left back in high school and should be kept away from business.

Successful brands understand their core audience, and they make them happy even if it makes everyone else hate them.

Erika Napoletano, author of “The Power of Un-Popular” and the blunt and irreverent blog Redhead Writing joins us for a discussion on how to make your brand sizzle by building an un-popular company. If you follow Erika on Redhead Writing and you expect to hear seedy language in this podcast, trust me, it was there. But, Patrick Wiscombe edited out a few 4-letter words to make it safe for the audiences picking up this podcast on some of the local media like ABC4.com and KNRS Radio.

About the Guest

Erika Napoletano

Erika Napoletano is the person behind the Redhead Writing online persona, and has been hailed by Forbes as a “spinless spin doctor” for her BS-free perspectives on business, marketing, branding, and life in general. She’s the author of The Power of Unpopular, a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and speaks at conferences across the U.S. – uncensored – on the inherent power of truth in business … or as she refers to it, the power of unpopularity. She’s the owner of RHW Media, a marketing consulting agency based in Denver, Colo., and was recently recognized by both the Denver Post and 5280 magazine as one of Colorado’s top Twitter personalities.

When she’s not traveling (and even when she is), she consults for some of the U.S.’s leading startups and brands you see in parking lots and on store shelves every day. From branding to building online communities, she helps companies talk to their audience, hold ongoing conversations, and convert those people into long-term advocates so that business owners can wake up every day and do what they love for whom they love doing it.

Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones, and enjoy the conversation:

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  • Hanging out with Redhead Writing
  • Being popular sucks
  • 17 W2s in one year
  • Dirty, dirty, dirty writing
  • Wallowing on the couch
  • ‘The Power of UnPopular’
  • Why are you building a business with a dream of universal popularity?
  • Start biz conversation as an equal
  • People are terrified to be wrong
  • Have an opinion and stand for something
  • Don’t be roadkill
  • The Mennonite Entrepreneur
  • Guy who makes rubber ducks look like celebrities
  • Growth kills a lot of businesses
  • Audience is a direct limiting factor on how you’ll scale your biz
  • A recipe for building an Un-Popular brand
  • Good brands make people ‘feel’ things
  • Erika on a Vespa
  • Personality, approachability, share-ability, scalability

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Dan Bischoff