Jan 18, 2013

Exceptional Engagement Is the Key to Revolutionizing Any Market

Exceptional Engagement Is the Key to Revolutionizing Any MarketGuy Ascher is a business marketing consultant. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on various website marketing blogs. Visit the Lenstore.co.uk to see how they connect with their customers.

Engaging your customers is definitely the key to success in online retail, but it entails a lot more than having Facebook friends or a great Twitter following. Customer engagement also involves thinking ahead and providing relevant desire-based services without the customers asking for it. The British company, Lenstore, is a good example of a company that understands what their customers want – they provide disposable prescription contact lenses at a savings, delivered, without the hassle of constant visits to an optician. When you engage your customers you not only display an understanding of what they want, but also what they would want if they were given the choice. Revolutionizing any market and becoming the new standard in your field means providing just that. Here are some effective measures you can implement to assist you in gaining the ability to provide an understanding and insightful service to your customers.


Listen to the Said and Unsaid in Customer’s Social Media Comments

Customers provide great reviews of your products and services in their comments on social network platforms. It may not all be good, but it is one of the best forms of reviews as you observe people not only leaving a comment, but actually engaging each other in a discussion about their views and opinions. Even comments that were made as jokes can give you a vital insight into what your customers would like. You may also be able to identify a need that stems from their use of another service provider that may somehow relate to your mode of service. Take Lenstore for example – they realized the customers were not fond of having to make constant trips to their eye care provider to get a new prescription. They bridged this gap by providing and delivering disposable prescription lenses. You and your customers may have a great rapport on a social media platform, but the key to improving customer services, engaging and deepening relationships, and building brand loyalty lies in your ability to listen and come up with innovative service ideas.


Develop Content on a Constant Basis and Capture Feedback to Determine and Respond to Changing Needs

Empower your business by providing your customers with relevant content on a regular basis. You can create or adapt this content, but it must be done at a pace that allows you to engage your customers and instantly capture their feedback. This will help you to quickly identify their changing needs and respond accordingly. This would prevent your customers from moving on to another provider who may be able to meet their needs.


Optimize Your Business for Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phones play a significant role in the lives of your customers. While they may be away from their computers for a period of time during the day they have their mobiles with them at all times. Connect with your customers through their mobile by providing them with targeted content as well as streamlined user experiences. This allows them access to your services wherever they go and keeps you in touch with them as well. Mobile apps allow your customers to access numerous services on the go.


Anticipating the needs of your customers is a vital part of customer engagement. It will help you in your quest to create a revolution in any market by building a strong foundation through exceptional customer engagement and excellent customer service.

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