Best of FinovateSpring Day 2

2 min read • May 11, 2011 • Trent Miskin

First, I want to say that it is a relief to be done with our presentation from yesterday. It went well and Brock rode the tight line and finished the presentation with under one second to spare. I think it was him acting a little like you do when your car is on the red line with gas.

Here are some highlights for me from the second day:


There are a lot of consumer online sites that attempt to help people set financial goals and then execute on them. Unfortunately, most of them come off as being all show and colorful bright lights, but it is hard to tell if they actually do anything. I think Goalmine does the best of any of the sites I have seen.

Obviously with goal in your name, you better be good at it. They showed off their new mobile app, which among other things will alert people when they are at a location, where they said they wouldn’t spend money at. I think it could improve more with a wider range of built-in investment options (3rd party specifically).


BillShrink is consistently solid. Great user interface as always. Specifically demoed geo-enhanced credit card reward tracking.


They were wearing leis, so I’m giving BancVue a mention simply for that.


They added (finally) the ability to do gmail-like filters that will automatically categorize similar expenses month over month. Since we use Expensify, I can’t tell you how much I wanted something like this. 90% of my expenses every month are the same (recurring subscriptions for development, etc.). OCR for receipts was also added, which probably will make a lot of accountants happy. Most laid-back presentation at Finovate.


Their name is a bit awkward (sounds like they are saying P-Diddy), but it is pretty cool. PayDivvy can group bill pay. So if you have a bunch of roommates, you can automate the monthly bill process without trying to fight to get money from each roommate. Would also work with social trips, dinners etc. Simple, but effective and focused user interface.


Trent Miskin