Is Your Home-Based Business Ready for the Next Level? 5 Ways to Step Up Your Game

3 min read • Aug 22, 2014 • Guest Post

This guest post is written by Owen Andrew

Starting and developing a small home-based business is a daunting task for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the funding required to really make the business a success can be enough for some to forget about the dream altogether. However, the ability to take your small business to the next level is possible, regardless of a lack of major funding or simply the fear that expanding a business too quickly will lead to failure.

The question is – how do you get there? In the midst of thousands of other businesses clamoring for success, what will make yours truly remarkable? Read on for five steps your small business should take today.

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Finding the Right Product or Service

Many people embark on a home-based business and already have a grasp on what product or service they are looking to offer. However, when you have a multitude of ideas, what is the best plan of attack? It’s important to remember that even if all of your ideas are amazing, you need to pick one. Choose one idea and focus all of your efforts on it. Splitting your time and resources five different ways only creates chaos and in the long run, nothing truly gets produced.

Especially as a small-business beginner, using only one product is best for marketing purposes. Once a business gets off the ground and is ready to expand, the number of available services and products will logically expand with it. But don’t feel the need to build a skyscraper right off the bat – start small and work your way up.

Making the Best of Working from Home

A home-based business does not need to be advertised as such. Instead, see it as an opportunity to offer a personalized and relaxed customer service experience. By working from home, you have a unique opportunity to make your clients feel welcomed and heard.

Visiting the home or office of an existing or potential customer is a good way of not only offering a more professional service, but hiding the fact that a business is run from a home. Many customers will respond well to the chance to discuss business in their own office or home over traveling to any other premises.

Adding New Employees

One of the scariest things any home-based business owner can do is expand their business with more employees. When growth and customer acquisition increase, more management help becomes a necessity. As you start the hiring process, look for employees who are strong in areas where you possess a weakness.

Finding this unique skill set has the potential to bring a large amount of new business to a company. It is also important to identify someone with the drive and passion to grow a small business. Hire individuals who compliment your company and will be able to grow along with it.

Marketing is Key

A business is nothing if it is not known by its existing and potential customers. Taking advantage of the latest technology is the best way of maximizing customer awareness.

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The use of social media is a growing area for those looking at cheap and efficient ways of making sure each and every customer knows about a home-based company. Offering special offers, deals and discounts to those signing up for an email or social media list is a good way to increase customers and maximize profits.

Look for Businesses in a Similar Field

Unless your business has invented a new product, the chances are a company already exists in your field of operation. Finding similar companies that have recently gone out of business is a good way of attracting customers looking for a replacement to a growing company.

There are many ways to take a business to a new level, which usually means having more funding available through increased profits or an injection of cash. With this in mind, when looking to expand the company, one will want to use a POS system that works for their needs. Knowing business people in your region of the country and networking is a good way of making sure a home-based business has the best chance for success.



Owen Andrew

Owen Andrew is a journalist in California. He is passionate about small businesses and enjoys using his experience to help others within this field.