The Impact of Love on Small Business

3 min read • Feb 12, 2015 • Erik Larson

Here at Lendio, we love small business. So, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, we decided to create a little Valentine’s Day card ourselves, and show the impact that Valentine’s Day has on small business.

Valentines Impact On Small Business


The Impact of Love on Small Biz as seen on
Making the small business love connection
Even if you’re not a florist, restaurant owner, jeweler, or a candy maker, Valentine’s Day can have a huge impact on your business. We’ve talked to small business owners, and found the best advice for getting ready for Valentine’s Day.”We start preparing in early January by getting our Valentine’s-specific product out on shelves so people who come in for other things will know what specialty items we have and will be more likely to think of us when deciding on a gift.”
V Chocolates
# of U.S. Makers: 1379 (75.6%)
445 (24.4%)



The week of Valentine’s Day we see about a 750% increase in revenue. The best advice I have for other florists is just lots of planning ahead. Think up some fun and creative ways to help your customers out. Make them feel special and like they’re not just a number.”
Foxglove Flowers & Gifts

U.S. Florists and Their Employees

(shops) 14,344

(employees) 62,397

Import Value of Cut Roses

$407.8 Million

One way we prepare for Valentine’s Day is having items in all price ranges. Affordable pieces may be used for an add-on to a bigger gift, or an expensive piece of jewelry may be a gift on its own. Either way, we want to be able to help the customer out.”
Jewelry Impressions

Estimated Jewelry Stores in the U.S.

Average Spent on Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is generally a very  busy and successful night because it’s celebratory. Create a special testing menu with items complimenting the occasion like oysters, caviar and lobster to make the most out of the day. Make sure service is good and be prepared for more curve balls than normal.”

Valentine’s Day Dining
51% Plan to dine out on Valentine’s Day
36% Plan to dine out on the weekend
8% Plan to dine out more than once
Average Dinner Bill
$85 Regularly
$139 Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Means Big Business For Small Business
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