The Key to Small Business Success: Be Interdependent, Not Independent

As we take time to reflect on our freedoms and the sacrifices of those who have shaped the America we live in today, we honor the visionaries, dreamers and doers. America was built by those who dared to dream, renounce conventions and fight for something much bigger than themselves.

Chances are when you became a small business owner, or began to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, you were driven by visions of independence—determined to transform your unique ideas into realities. For most people, part of the allure of small business ownership is giving up the old 9-to-5 in exchange for full control in the driver’s seat. Set your own hours, spark your own innovations and execute your own strategies.

Six in ten small businesses are independently run, meaning they have no employees, according to the 2017 TD Bank Small Business Survey. These entrepreneurs are blazing trails and they’re doing so singlehandedly.

No matter how small, your business is a piece of the puzzle that fuels the American economy. Whether you operate alone or with a handful or employees, as a small business owner, you’re a key part of your local community, too. You have power to influence, inspire and connect. When it comes to building strong local economies and thriving communities, small businesses play a big part.

But if you want to connect with more customers, accelerate the growth of your business, and more importantly, become an industry leader, it’s important to recognize the power of being more connected to, and even more reliant on, others in your network. Consider these opportunities for becoming more interdependent to increase your impact:

At Lendio, our mission is to Fuel the American Dream through small business loans. On Independence Day and every day, we champion the small business owners who have become the backbone of our local economies and the driving force behind our collective dreams and aspirations.

America started as just an idea and it became legendary. It became something bigger than any of our founding fathers had imagined it could be. This great nation surpassed their dreams, and now it’s your turn to surpass yours. You may be a small business owner, but when you’re interconnected with a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs, your impact is anything but small. Together you’re stronger, your reach is wider and your potential for growth is far greater.

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Melanie King

Melanie King is Lendio’s Director of Public Relations. A lover of the written word, she creates content to inspire business owners and help them discover new ways to grow. She can often be found adventuring in Utah’s picturesque outdoors with her four energetic children.


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