‘Leading the High Energy Culture’ — Entrepreneur Addiction #29 with David Casullo

2 min read • Mar 19, 2012 • Dan Bischoff

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Today’s guest on the show is David Casullo, author of “Leading the High Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create an Atmosphere Where Employees Flourish.”

We talk about how to create a culture of high energy that engages and inspires people in your organization. He shares the secrets for how to communicate your vision in order to create a sense of purpose throughout your organization and beyond, while spreading excitement to consumers, investors, and the media.

About David Casullo
David is the President of Bates Communications, a communications coaching and consulting firm in Wellesley, MA. Bates transforms leaders into powerful communicators through executive coaching, consulting, training, workshops, and seminars. David has spent decades developing leaders by tapping into their unique, authentic qualities. His methods ensure that leaders clarify their personal values and recommit to behaving consistently with them. He has a proven process to clarify organizational values and communicate them effectively to drive growth and bottom line results.

Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones, and enjoy the conversation:

Highlights of the show:

  • David Casullo – author of ‘Leading the High Energy Culture‘
  • What attributes make and develop the best bosses?
  • A leader’s attractive power, clarity, and energy
  • The energized culture and you
  • Never mistake activity for results
  • The ‘who’ that you are
  • Getting everyone on the same page
  • Creating powerful, effective messages
  • Knowing your audience and alpha dogs
  • I can’t wait to go grocery shopping
  • The secret sauce of a company
  • The importance of looking inward
  • Never mistake activity for results

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