Lendio Scholarship Supported by 80 Colleges and Universities Nationwide

Lendio scholarship to help emerging entrepreneurs have the resources to pursue education and their entrepreneurial dreams.

More than 80 colleges and universities nationwide have supported a scholarship from Lendio, an online service helping companies secure business loans and other types of business financing.

The Lendio Brock Blake Student Entrepreneur of the Year scholarship was announced last November, and is looking to help young entrepreneurs.

“We created the scholarship to help student entrepreneurs have the resources they need to get an education while pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams,” said Brock Blake, Lendio CEO. “It’s exciting to have this many universities on board with a similar vision.”

Some of the colleges and universities helping to support the scholarship are Arizona State University, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska, and the University of Oregon. The scholarship will award one student entrepreneur $2,500.

“We’ve had more applications than we thought we’d have at this point,” Blake said. “The response has been great, and we’re very happy to get support from colleges all over the country.”

Blake started the program because he received a similar scholarship while attending Brigham Young University.

“It allowed me to focus on academics and our startup without the worry of a part-time, low-paying job,” Blake said. “At the end of the day, I hope this scholarship will give future entrepreneurs the edge they need to be successful.”

The scholarship is called the Lendio Brock Blake Student Entrepreneur of the Year, which will award $2,500 every year to a student who has demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship. It’s open to any college or university student that has started a company or is desirous to start a company while attending school.

To apply, students need to submit a 500-1,000 word essay to scholarship(at)lendio(dot)com. The deadline is July 1, 2012. The essay should cover things like:

“We are looking for future entrepreneurs with a vision to change their lives, and in the process, change part of the world,” Blake said. “This economy needs more young entrepreneurs building new, innovative companies that have a positive impact on their communities.”

For more information about the scholarship, visit //www.lendio.com/scholarship/

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Lendio is venture-backed by Highway 12 Ventures and Tribeca Venture Partners. For more information, contact Lendio at press(at)lendio(dot)com.

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  1. The one factor that Lendio does not cover in this training is the fact that neither they nor their constituents will fund anyone with a low credit score. My personal score suffers from some losses I have taken recently in real estate rentals, and getting behind on my bills because others don’t pay theirs. My business at Poor Richards Enterprises Inc. has a dunns score of 3 which is not bad for a new business, but they refused to even look at my business plan for my Alternative Energy Products Group business. I have since gotten partners to invest in a project with me for a Solar Farm, we are working on getting a PPA for 100 Mw with SCPPA or LADWP, I personally know of many business owners who failed and failed and failed until they succeeded. Are you one?

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