Lendio’s Newest Division:  Commercial Real Estate Financing

2 min read • Jul 10, 2015 • Erik Larson

Lendio is proud to announce a new feature to its already wide range of loan options: commercial real estate financing.  This new division offers free consultations, education, and loan options for business owners with property ownership or looking to purchase a property for the business.  Lendio has partnered up with lenders nationwide to provide competitive programs for conventional as well as SBA commercial real estate financing.

Talk to a Lendio Commercial Real Estate expert

 Looking to Purchase a Property?

Did you know you can purchase a property with as little as 10% down?  As a business owner, you are eligible for the highest amount of leverage available: 90%.  Not to mention the terms are favorable to the extent that mortgage payments can be similar to your current lease payments.  Now is the time to start building equity with historically low interest rates.

Looking to Refinance an Existing Commercial Mortgage?

By working with thousands of small business owners, we have learned that business owners often overlook the simplest way to increase their cash flow: a refinance.  If your current mortgage is over three years old, chances are you could reduce your monthly payment through a refinance.

Looking to Pull Cash Out of Your Commercial Real Estate Property?

Keep your cash in your company.  Use the equity in your building for upgrades, expansions, additional working capital, etc.  Let your equity work for you and your business.

Why Lendio?

Our mission is to fuel your American Dream by making small business loans simple through options, speed, and trust.

Options – We offer several loan products including SBA financing as well as conventional financing.

Speed – We know our network and each lender’s needs, expediting the process.

Trust – We take the time to understand your situation.  This allows us to present it in the best light to our network of lenders.   First impressions can mean a lot, even in this industry.

Choosing the Wrong Program or Lender can Be Costly in More Than Just Time.

Here’s a quick example of the importance of selecting the right product:

Recently a client reached out to Lendio for financing to start up a new business and purchase a property for that business.  Before they had found Lendio, they had found the perfect property, with an excellent location, and the opportunity to collect rent from other tenants to help pay for their mortgage payment.  It was the ideal situation to start their business off correctly.  However, they lost the property because they went with another lender who gave them the wrong loan product.  The approval process took too long, they were declined for that loan product, and by the time they decided to work with Lendio the seller refused to offer an extension.  The property immediately went under contract to a different buyer.  They continue to look for a property to get their business started.

Don’t let this happen to you. Let Lendio’s experienced team work for you to find the right loan product.


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