Loving What You Do, Be Passionate, Trust Your Gut: Advice from The Faces Of Main Street

4 min read • Mar 26, 2015 • Erik Larson

Here at Lendio, our passion is seeing people live the American Dream. Not only are people improving their own lives by running a business, they’re improving a community. A lot of the people we interview for Faces of Main Street powered by Lendio, a site dedicated to telling every entrepreneurs story, give some really great business advice. Here’s some great advice on loving what you do, being passionate about your business, and setting realistic goals.

Love What You Do


Name: Mike Feldman
Company:  Feldman’s Deli
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Website: www.feldmansdeli.com

“Be passionate about what you do, because as an entrepreneur and a small businessman you spend an awful lot of time doing what you do. A typical work week for us is 70 hours, even though we are only open 29. If you don’t like what you are doing its not going to be a very good fit and you are going to spend an awful lot of time doing something you don’t like.

Jim Collins who wrote the book, Good to Great, summed it up in three things: First, ‘be passionate about what you do.’ Number two, ‘stick to your core strengths, don’t get distracted or diluted’. That’s the number one reason why businesses fail: They either grow too fast or they start doing things that they aren’t good at. And number three, ‘generate raving fans.’ If you can do those 3 things then you’ve got a good business and those are the 3 core principles that Feldman’s has stuck to from the beginning.”

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Do Something You’re Excited About

Destiny Nashville

Name: Brandon Metcalf
Company:  Destiny Nashville
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Website: www.destinynashville.com

“Whatever it is that you are doing, be prepared to make it a lifestyle. Know that you will not have much of a ‘normal life’ at all, but you learn to love that. If you don’t—if it’s not something that you’re going to be excited to only sleep 3 hours a night for, for the next however many years, and not take weekends off, and just give your complete all to, then I would say don’t even start. Because it’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It’s hard to sacrifice certain things but in the long run it will be rewarding if it is something that truly excites you and makes sense for you.”

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The Details Make The Difference

creative route

Name: Nache Snow
Company: Creative Route
Location: Upper Marlboro , Maryland
Website: etsy.com/shop/TheCreativeRoute 

“The devil is in the details. Before I shipped my first package I worked hard on developing packaging ideas that would excite the customer. The reviews on Etsy have validated my actions and make them worthwhile. I’ve also learned to really value the actual time it takes to create a product. Though I wanted to keep the cost fairly low, I had to make sure I accounted for time I spent making and preparing the product.”

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Set Realistic Challenging Goals

The Whimsie

Name: Mackenzie Holland
Company: The Whimsie
Location: Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Website: www.facebook.com/thewhimsie

Advice: Listen to your gut. Decide from the beginning, are you going to stick this out? Tell yourself you can do this. You can make it work! Also, set small, achievable goals, and stick to them. Every goal I have set so far I have met, and I believe it is because they were just at the challenge point for The Whimsie. A great way, I find, to set goals, is to think hard about what is realistic, and set your gaze JUST beyond that. Always leave room for challenge and growth in goal setting.” Mackenzie also advises that you not be afraid to share your voice, “It is OK to put yourself out there. I know my little business is still an infant, and I know I will have periods in both the red and the black—but if you stand behind your product, and you are making a quality product, an audience will always find you.

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