Main Street Impact in Mountain Home, Idaho

2 min read • Oct 09, 2012 • Brock Blake

Last month, I decided to participate in 2 legs of a crazy long bike ride from Provo, Ut to Boise, ID (I rode 200 of the 450 miles).  Previous to this ride, the longest that I

had ridden was 28 miles, so I was definitely in for some pain.  The goal of the ride was to provide exposure to an amazing non-profit foundation sponsored by Bronco and Holly Mendenhall (BYU’s Head Football Coach) called Thursday’s Heroes.

During the ride, I had the fortunate opportunity to drive through a small town about 50 miles outside of Boise called Mountain Home, ID.  The population of the city is around 14,000 people and is mostly made up of home-town farmers.  While riding through Main Street of Mountain Home, I had an incredible experience.

First of all, Mountain Home was the first place along the route where business owners and town residents came outside to congratulate us and/or cheer us on.  It was very clear that these were good people with big hearts.  Secondly, as I was riding down Main Street, I couldn’t help but notice all of businesses that lined the street.  There were restaurants, bike shops, dry cleaners, and mechanics.  There were hair salons, coffee shops, and bars.  Each one of these businesses have a dream.  Each owner is doing all that he/she can to provide a living for their family.

When we started Lendio, we started with a mission to help Main Street.  My goal wasn’t to help the next Facebook or Google.  In fact, it was quite the opposite; I was passionate about helping the Main Street business owners in towns like Mountain Home, Idaho.  Most of these business owners don’t need $500k or $1M.  They don’t need private investors or venture capitalists.  They are looking for $5k to $25k to open a new location, hire an employee, or expand on their inventory.  I’m proud to do what we do at Lendio.  We are not perfect, but we are doing everything that we can to help Main Street get back on track.  Thanks to Mountain Home for the reminder!  :)

As Lendio CEO, Brock’s passion is to make small business lending simple for the 30 million Main Street businesses in the U.S. At age 24, Brock was recognized by Utah Business Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40 business professionals in Utah. In 2006, the Utah Technology Council named him Utah’s Emerging Executive of the Year. He’s also been included on vSpring Capital’s v100 Top Entrepreneur’s list six times in the last seven years.


Brock Blake

Brock Blake is the CEO and co-founder of Lendio, the leading small business finance solutions provider in the U.S. Brock believes that access to capital should be simpler and quicker for small business owners, and he’s built a successful company around solving this problem. Brock leads the team that has facilitated over $10B in loans to small businesses. An Inc. 500 CEO, national keynote speaker, Forbes columnist, and Utah’s Emerging Executive of the Year, Brock’s dedication extends far beyond the boardroom. He has shaped a superior company culture with a humble and hungry team that is passionate about driving results and giving back. For every new loan facilitated on Lendio’s marketplace platform, Lendio Gives, an employee contribution and employer matching program, provides a microloan to a low-income entrepreneur around the world through