Put the American Dream on Hold? No Way!

2 min read • Mar 01, 2013 • Ty Kiisel

Despite the machinations of our political leaders in Washington, I don’t plan to put my dreams on hold just because the brainiacs in Congress and the White House can’t seem to get along. Hopefully the nearly 30 million small business owners will join me in refusing to allow one contrived crisis after another, manufactured by extremists in both parties, to stifle the economy and curtail job growth.

It’s no surprise to me that government officials wind up on the bottom of the list of Edleman’s Trust Barometer for 2013. They don’t seem to be able to look past their own self interest—or maybe it’s the fat-cat donors who contribute to their re-election campaigns they don’t want to offend. Either way, they seem more interested in throwing stones than doing the business of the country.

I think there’s universal agreement that a strong small business community is good for the country. It fuels local economies and creates jobs. According to the SBA, 2/3 of all new jobs since the 1970s were created by small businesses. I’m confused as to why ideologues on both sides of the aisle refuse to come together and cultivate an environment where small business can thrive.

Regardless of what happens in Washington, my colleagues and I at Lendio are standing firm in our belief that we can help the American economy grow by helping small business owners fuel their American Dream with greater access to capital. I’m calling on our political leaders in Washington to stop bickering, put aside their differences, sit down together and resolve some of these issues they have continually put off for years because they don’t have the political will to make the tough decisions.

Otherwise the “sequester” will simply be one more stop along the trail of manufactured fiscal crisis that engenders distrust, ill will, and asphyxiates economic growth.

Small business evangelist and veteran of over 30 years in the trenches of Main Street business, Ty makes small business best practices, tips and advice accessible by weaving personal experiences, historical references and other anecdotes into relevant discussions about leading people, managing a business and what it takes to be successful. Ty also shares his passion for small business every week on Forbes.com.

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Ty Kiisel

Small business evangelist and veteran of over 30 years in the trenches of Main Street business, Ty makes small business financing and trends accessible in common sense language devoid of the jargon.