Real Business Advice From Four Real Entrepreneurs

3 min read • Mar 12, 2015 • Erik Larson

Here at Lendio, our passion is seeing people live the American Dream. Not only are people improving their own lives by running a business, they’re improving a community. A lot of the people we interview for Faces of Main Street powered by Lendio, a site dedicated to telling every entrepreneurs story, give some really great business advice. Here’s some great advice on maintaining a positive attitude, building customer relationships, and more.


Name: Kelly Young
Company: Juicekeys
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Business Advice: “You must maintain positive attitudes. No customer wants to be told it can’t be done, or we can’t find this for you. We try with every fiber of our being not let our customers down.  As soon as you get negative, you start to waste time and not only that, but it starts to become a culture issue.  We have a saying, ‘If you have something bad to say about the day, you have to say it with a smile!'”

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Name: Scott Carson
Company: International Mountain Equipment
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Business Advice: “A lot of things in the future that are not internet-based will need to be customer service-based. You’ll really have to take care of customers, which you should already want to do—you shouldn’t be in it if that’s not the priority.”

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Name: Kam Wing Kwok
Company: Shoots Chinese Restaurant
Location: Provo, Utah

Business Advice: “First you need to love what you do, not just money, of course money is important but you need to love the service. I love making food for people to make them happy. Also working hard with no laziness.”

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Name: Andre Tsalpatouros
Company: Pierre Country Bakery
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Business Advice: “It’s hard no matter what. I do not know a successful business owner that was not persistent, tenacious, and stubborn in a way, in the vision he had for his business. And they fought for it despite the odds. There are going to be harder days than others, but if you stick to your strengths and values, you will succeed. If you try to have a quick win and easy money, there is a greater chance you are going to fail. Respect your customers. It’s easy to lose track of common sense, take a short cut, and think that no one will see. I unfortunately do not have a miracle recipe. I work 18-20 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are days when it’s easier than others to do that, but I just push through. I don’t know any successful business owner that has not worked hard, and treated their customers the way they would want to be treated if they were the customer.”

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