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Feb 20, 2014

Six Tips to Make Successful Presentations

administrationFrom a public relations (PR) standpoint, the opportunity to make a presentation to a group is a goldmine.  These opportunities allow you to be seen as a thought leader and an expert in your industry.  It’s also a great means of kick starting, conducting and stimulating new business development.  Presenting to a group is more than simply showing up and turning on the switch to start your presentation.

In my experience there are some simple steps to ensure your maximizing your presentation opportunity.  I’ve listed six easy steps to consider as you prepare to make a presentation.

If you have the opportunity to speak or present to a group it’s a wonderful opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your industry. The tips above will help you maximize the opportunity and leverage the benefits that come from a successful presentation.  If you don’t take the opportunity serious enough, or if you spend too much time bragging about yourself and your accomplishments, you run the risk of losing credibility and hurting your reputation, negatively affecting current business as well as future business opportunities.

About the author

Jeremy Kartchner
Jeremy Kartchner

Jeremy Kartchner is a Partner at Snapp Conner PR and has more than 15 years experience in both technology and sports PR.  In addition to his responsibilities with Snapp Conner PR, Kartchner also works with the Utah Jazz as a member of its Game Night public relations staff where he is responsible for tracking and providing game time statistics for local, national and international media and conducting pre and post game player and coach interviews. He’s a sports fan, golfer, father of three, husband to one hottie, partially bionic, cavity free, Olympics junkie and wanna be blogger.

Author: Jeremy Kartchner | Google+


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