Speaking Opportunities Transforming Power—More Than Meets The Eye

By now many of you may have seen the disaster that was Michael Bay’s presentation at CES a couple of days ago.  He was there on behalf of Samsung to help promote the company’s newest and greatest TV.  His portion of the presentation only lasted a grand total of about a minute.  Bay had teleprompter problems and briefly tried to just “wing it” before simply walking off the stage and leaving the Samsung executive he was supposed to be talking with to fend for himself.

To his credit, the Samsung executive did a great job covering for the mix up and was flawless in his execution of the presentation. It was obvious the Samsung executive had studied and prepared himself for the presentation while Bay was unprepared and as a result flustered by the teleprompter malfunction.

In public relations, I regularly pitch clients on speaking at industry events.  Speaking opportunities like these are a great way to gain additional exposure and to brand yourself as an expert in your industry, at least when things go well.  When you perform like Bay did, you accomplish none of these things.  Instead, you look like a fool and do more harm to your reputation than good.

With Bay’s epic failure in mind, here are some tips to follow to ensure success when speaking at an event.

Speaking opportunities are difficult to come by, but can be incredibly rewarding. By preparing and practicing these tips, you’ll ensure that the opportunity is not lost and that you transform yourself into a thought leader and expert, and capitalize on the benefits a successful speaking engagement can yield.

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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Jeremy Kartchner
Jeremy Kartchner

Jeremy Kartchner is a Partner at Snapp Conner PR and has more than 15 years experience in both technology and sports PR.  In addition to his responsibilities with Snapp Conner PR, Kartchner also works with the Utah Jazz as a member of its Game Night public relations staff where he is responsible for tracking and providing game time statistics for local, national and international media and conducting pre and post game player and coach interviews. He’s a sports fan, golfer, father of three, husband to one hottie, partially bionic, cavity free, Olympics junkie and wanna be blogger.

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