See How Start Up Business Loans from Lendio Helped Scott Jason with His Vegas Venture

4 min read • Feb 02, 2015 • Burke Alder

Lendio’s Burke Alder sits down with Scott Jason of Imagine Studios to discuss how he came up with the idea for and how Lendio’s start up business loans helped him get the financing he needed to launch his business. will help you convince your family and friends you got married in Vegas. It’s set to launch in Winter 2015. To find out more, visit

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BURKE ALDER: Welcome to the American Dream LaunchPad. My name is Burke Alder; and today we have with us Scott Jason from Las Vegas, Nevada and his company Welcome Scott.

SCOTT JASON: Thanks Burke.

BURKE ALDER: It’s great to have you. I love your energy. So let’s get right to this. Tell me a little bit about your business. How it got started. How this idea of Igotmarriedinvegasjk – how did that come together?

SCOTT JASON: So I Got Married in Vegas Just Kidding is an attraction for couples to pretend they got married in Vegas and really fool their friends and family back home from where they’re from. I initially got the idea from working at various wedding chapels in Las Vegas. And a lot of times, random tourists would walk into the chapel and ask if I could, you know, take a picture with their cellphone or with the camera of them as if they’re getting married at the altar; and that’s really where I got the idea. It’s probably about 15 years ago, I got the idea.

BURKE ALDER: So some of them come in and pretend they got married through – with Elvis and whoever they want?

SCOTT JASON: Actually we have four experiences that they could choose from different type of wedding chapels.  All of them are fabricated in our studio. We shoot the sets and then we actually use those images to replace the green screen that the couples are shot in front of. You know, we’re still working out the creative on the actual experiences, the chapels; but one of them that we’ve now done is actually a trailer park in Las Vegas. So a couple can get married at a trailer park by Elvis or by Billy Bob or somebody like that.

BURKE ALDER: Oh man, those parents are going to love you. Their kids are going to Instagram or Facebook and, “Oh man, what were you doing?” and you’re going to give heart attacks to all the parents out there. So tell me a little bit about why you were looking for financing for this idea.

SCOTT JASON: Well, I needed start-up capital for a lot of the equipment, the build-outs of the actual store.  My primary business is the actual wedding photography… You know things that I really didn’t think of in my main business is you know, like retail shopping bags or inventory, you know that sort of stuff that we need. So I needed a little bit of capital for all of that to get up the ground.

BURKE ALDER: That’s great. Tell me about your Lendio experience as you have those goals set in mind and you went out looking – How did you hear about Lendio?

SCOTT JASON: Well, I started just with the basic Google search looking for funding; and Lendio was popping up quite a bit in the search results. So I did a little more research into Lendio and I found a lot of favorable reviews and testimonials and… online. And then I was contacted by Jason and he guided me through the rest of the process.

BURKE ALDER: How important was Jason as a loan representative in this process you went through?

SCOTT JASON: He’s very important. The cool thing about Jason was he really got my concepts so it felt like he was, you know, working with me or for me with the business instead of, you know, just like some bank person in a suit who doesn’t really kind of see my vision. I stayed in contact with him. He called me many times and we worked through our options on what… the payback terms and all that good stuff.

BURKE ALDER: And that’s great. It looks like Jason too was on your side to give parents heart attacks.

SCOTT JASON: Yeah. Well, he told me many times to come to Vegas so we’ll marry him.

BURKE ALDER: There you go. Hey, well I appreciate your time today here on the American Dream LaunchPad. It’s always great to hear the Lendio Success Stories and how people like Jason and others are helping you succeed with your dream wherever it is in the world. So we appreciate your time today Scott. Any other advice you’d give to entrepreneurs out there who are starting their businesses?

SCOTT JASON: Hey, just dream big.

BURKE ALDER: Thanks. Hey, well thanks for your time today and make it a great day. Well see you later.

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