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2 min read • Aug 27, 2015 • Jacqueline Hoof

Here at Lendio, our passion is seeing people live the American Dream. Not only are people improving their own lives by running a business, they’re improving a community. A lot of people we interview for Faces of Main Street powered by Lendio, a site dedicated to telling every entrepreneur’s story, give some really great business advice. Here is some insightful advice on becoming a better business owner by learning and developing from the best.

Join a Community

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Business Owners: Dan and Tiffany Garbowitz
Business: Hides and Stitches
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Advice: “In the maker industry, it’s obviously important to feed your creativity as much as possible, and join the local artisan community so you have a network of supporters with experience who can offer you help and advice as needed.”

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Seek Guidance From Other Business Owners

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Business Owner: Katie Norris
Business: Fotostrap
Location: Dallas, Texas

Advice: “If I was given the opportunity to do this all over again… Honestly, I would not change a thing. If I would have known how hard I would need to work to get to this point I might have chickened out years ago but I’m glad I didn’t. You learn so many incredible life lessons during the process of building a business. I am grateful for the opportunity to do something I am passionate about. Discover what makes you motivated for success. Find your passion and discover where that path can take you. Seek guidance from other owners in your industry, they are wise and have much knowledge to share.”

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Know The Right People

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Business Owner: Lindsay White
Business: Lot801
Location: South Jordan, Utah

Advice: “It’s not what you know but who you know… Well what if you don’t know the right people? You can still make it work! Anyone that knows me knows I’m a big dreamer; I’m not afraid to shoot for the stars. In five years from now, you’ll be able to walk into Nordstrom and see Lot801 in the kid’s department. We will be the go to brand for children’s stylish clothing. Learn from those who are in you field of work and then work hard to do better.”

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