Stick With It 24/7: Advice From The Faces Of Main Street

2 min read • Apr 02, 2015 • Erik Larson

Here at Lendio, our passion is seeing people live the American Dream. Not only are people improving their own lives by running a business, they’re improving a community. A lot of the people we interview for Faces of Main Street powered by Lendio, a site dedicated to telling every entrepreneur’s story, give some really great business advice. Here’s some great advice on how to grow your successful business.

Hire The Right People


Name: TK Robinson & Kelly Quentin
Company: Rocky Mountain Lighting & Controls
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Advice: “It takes really great people to run a business, so we hired people that we know really well and trust. Without the right people, it can be hard to be successful. You can have the best product in the world, but without the right people it’s going to be hard to be successful. Try to think of everything before you start your business instead of figuring it out along the way.

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Stick With It, Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

cape cod

Name: Maggie Dwyer
Company: Cape Cod Soy Candle
Location: Marstons Mills, Massachusetts

Advice: “Stick with it! Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s dedication, constant evolution, learning and growing. Even the mistakes are huge learning experiences! If you feel strongly about your product/idea/skill, jump in with both feet and go for it! The world always needs new products from creative minds. Don’t leave it to the big box companies. Small, humble and unique is where it’s at.”

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Be Passionate About Your Business 24/7

chow truck

Name: SuAn Chow
Company: Chow Truck
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Advice: “Reality TV is not reality, so don’t watch so much television. Be passionate and give the idea your 24/7 attention. Pay attention to every detail and spend a lot of time growing your business.”

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