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Surprise Money: Bedtime Stories for Business Owners

2 min read • Dec 21, 2019 • Mary Kate Miller

Does anxiety about your small business cost you sleep? You’re not alone. A 2015 survey of CEOs revealed that half of them were getting less than 6 hours a night. As your closest loved ones (and the internet) have probably already told you, getting enough sleep is necessary for you to perform your best. 

To help you catch those much-needed Z’s, you can cuddle up with Bedtime Stories for Business Owners. Our bedtime stories for business owners chronicle real struggles Lendio small business owners have faced and how they overcame them. So you can wash your worries away with a happy ending that’s pragmatic and actionable. 

Grab your favorite blanket and let Jay’s soothing voice lull you to sleep with the story of a business owner who lost—and then found—a good chunk of change. 

Prefer reading a bedtime story over listening? We’ve got you covered. 

“Surprise Money”

This is the story of a small business owner in Franklin

Who learned a mighty lesson about bankin.’

Month after month, his cash flow continued to dwindle.

He started to feel like he must be getting swindled.

Were his employees taking something off the top?

If so, it had to come to a stop, stop, stop! 

Had they been expensing TVs? Trips? Diamond rings?

They must know he couldn’t afford such things.

He looked through expenses, costs, and receivables. 

What he discovered was humbling and unbelievable. 

He hadn’t checked his invoices in over 6 months. 

He hadn’t followed up with a customer even once. 

After all that, his survey of accruals showed

Over $70,000 he was owed. 

He followed up by phone, email, and text.

Clients told him a check would arrive day after next.

Sometimes the funds arrived as fast as they’d say,

While others needed reminding in multiple ways.

When he got tired of the follow-up required,

He sought a factoring deal to get the money desired.

That way the follow-up was off his plate,

And he received payment by the desired date. 

Today his business is efficient, effective,

And he no longer has to play money detective. 

The End 


Mary Kate Miller

Mary Kate Miller is a writer based in Chicago, IL. She specializes in covering finance (personal and business), investing, and real estate. Her mission in life is to give readers the confidence and the knowledge needed to grow their wealth by making financial topics more accessible. When she's not writing about topics like business loans, you can find her playing armchair financial advisor to the Real Housewives.