The American Dream Film Series: Championing The Great American Entrepreneur

1 min read • Apr 21, 2015 • Erik Larson

Here at Lendio, we love small business owners. We love the passion and the drive they bring to their businesses, and we love telling their stories.

The American Dream Film Series, powered by Lendio, is dedicated to highlighting these entrepreneurs, their stories, and how they got the capital to start their business. Whether it’s a motorcycle repair shop, or a Peruvian food truck, we’re going to show you the passion and dedication that goes into each and every business, and show you why these people decided to take the leap and start their own business.

To start things off, we’re going to highlight some of Salt Lake City’s finest food trucks.

If you know a business owner you think has a great story, you can contact me through email at [email protected].

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Erik Larson

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