Which Direction Are YOU Headed? Why You Should Always Be Moving

3 min read • Mar 22, 2011 • Alex Lawrence

If you just sit still, the world will inch past you slowly. Over time you’ll find yourself further and further behind. Nothing relates better to this premise than business.

Doing something just to do something isn’t always a bad thing. In this historically difficult economy, it can be tough to do something that has a sudden impact, provides immediate results, or gives your business a big revenue shot in the arm. It has gotten harder and harder to find things that make the turnaround move that many are looking for.

Don’t Be Content

With that in mind, it seems like some are content to just “hang on” as the ride gets rougher. That might work for some. But that’s also what causes many to fail.

Instead of just hanging on, push down on the gas pedal. That’s how you can get further ahead of those whose pace has decreased.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough to keep a positive attitude sometimes. Times are tight, bad news is in our face all day, and there are many stories inside and outside of our own front door that make this economic disaster a very personal reality. That doesn’t mean it’s time to move to the basement though and wait for things to pass. There are still many opportunities out there.

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Get Busy

Get busy preparing, rebuilding, helping others and preparing for the next time. The one thing about disaster: they are in areas that typically have them often. When the real estate market recovers (it will), and the stock market continues to climb (it will) and unemployment decreases (it will) and other types of “good news” come around, that doesn’t mean your business or job will immediately be saved.

This is the newest of the new economy. The drastic nature of the things that have happened in business in the last couple years will burn an image in the brain of every business person on the planet. Many of the “norms” we knew before are forever gone. Credit will always be tighter then it once was, federal oversight will be more invasive then ever, employers may be slower to hire and expand at the same rates they once did. Overall I think you will find the risk tolerance of many will have permanently decreased.

What does this mean for you?

Two things: You are either going to beat em’, or join em’.  You are either going to push forward during difficult times to try and create more distance from those that have slowed or stopped — or you will keep pace and be in the same boat as most others when things “get better.”

I know this — if you work as hard or harder than ever, if you continue to try to innovate, listen, sell, build, sacrifice and try your very best, you will be more likely (although not guaranteed) to be in a better position than many around you when things do turn around. In the Great Depression, there were many companies (like Proctor and Gamble) that actually increased marketing spending and had tremendous growth during the country’s worst economic times.

Things will turn around

In fact, sooner for some than others. The ones that will recover the quickest will be the ones who deserve to.

Are you out there pushing it? Are you adding employees, raising/borrowing capital, getting small business loans, innovating and working harder than ever? If so, you’ll be on the forefront of prosperity as the circle turns. If you aren’t, well, perhaps it’s because you are waiting too long for something to happen instead of making it happen.


Alex Lawrence