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3 Signs That Now’s the Best Time for Business Expansion

Apr 29, 2019 • 3 min read
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      As a small business owner, you’ve likely faced the many ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Perhaps you’ve secured profit margins, taken strides to acquire engaged customers, and created a well-regarded brand name. The positive results you’ve yielded didn’t come from luck; they came from your dedication and expertise in your industry. These excellent turnouts may also be an indication that it’s time to expand your business to meet a larger customer base. You’ve clearly gotten the hang of running your business at its current size. Why not extend your offerings to grow your brand and increase your revenue?

      You might not know if now is the best time for business expansion. Things are running smoothly, but how can you be sure when to execute this plan? Here are 3 signs it’s a good time to expand your business:

      1. Your Business Has Remained Profitable

      If your organization’s profit margins have remained unwavering in recent months and years, now is the best time for business expansion. You’ve managed to keep your business in the black for a while—why not take your company to new heights by taking on the challenge of business growth?

      You can expand your business gradually to allow yourself and your employees time to adjust to any necessary changes. Having the ability to adapt to these changes, rather than expanding rapidly for instant results, can help you strategically finance these efforts to continue the pattern of profitability.

      2. You See the Opportunity to Introduce a New Product or Service

      Maybe you feel that your services and products need an update. Or perhaps your customers have offered suggestions of items you can add to your list of offerings. Regardless, these potential additions may be another sign that it’s the best time for business expansion, and doing so can help you add these products and services. This growth can effectively keep current customers engaged with your brand while enticing new leads to use your updated selection.

      As you introduce this new product or service into your line of business, it may be smart to begin with a trial period in which you test the sales of a small number of items on your targeted clientele. That way, you can fix any kinks before you’ve released this full product to the public. If the sales go well and your customers are pleased with this new item, you might decide to invest in the full release of this new product or service.

      3. You Have Too Much Business to Keep up With

      The best time for business expansion is when your supply can’t keep up with the high demand. Maybe this abundance is a result of an increase in customers. Or perhaps your existing consumers are requesting more from you during certain times of the year. To match this rise in demand, you might consider investing in more production to keep your customers happy while maintaining cash flow. You might decide to invest in operations tools to accelerate productivity or stock up on large amounts of materials that contribute to your services. A small business loan can provide you with the funding necessary to improve your business model to keep up with your increase in sales.

      Now Is the Best Time for Business Expansion

      If the signs above are familiar to you, now may be the best time for business expansion. In addition, if your consumers are asking you to grow or expand, you may consider the possibility of opening new locations along with expanding your offerings. As the saying goes, the customer is always right. And expanding your business doesn’t have to take months or years; with an alternative lender, you can anticipate approval within days, not weeks, so you can get your expansion plans off the ground.

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