Top 10 Things Small Business Owners Are Grateful for This Year

Nov 23, 2017 • 1 min read
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      ‘Tis the season for counting blessings and expressing gratitude. In the spirit of giving thanks, this year we asked some of our small business friends what they are most grateful for about owning a business. We present our findings in a top ten list, David Letterman-style.

      Top 10 Things Small Business Owners Are Grateful For This Year

      1. Being able to do what they love for a living.
      2. Helping people accomplish some of their biggest dreams.
      3. Having a job that’s never dull and constantly teaches them new things.
      4. The look of joy on customers’ faces when they experience their products or services.
      5. The satisfaction of knowing they’ve made their customers’ and employees’ lives a little brighter.
      6. Afternoon coffee breaks in the lunchroom with their team.
      7. Learning from and exchanging ideas with some brilliant minds.
      8. Putting together a team that becomes like a family.
      9. Inside jokes with their employees that never get old.
      10. Not having limits set by others.

      As you reflect on your blessings this year, can you relate to any of these? What would you add?

      At Lendio, we’re grateful for you, the small business owners who work tirelessly every day and create the lion’s share of jobs and economic growth in the U.S. From restaurant owners to plumbers to accountants, we tip our hat to the entrepreneurs hustling to meet customer demand and make a name for themselves. From all of us at Lendio, may your turkey be plump, your pies delicious, and may your business continue to grow.

      Happy Thanksgiving from Lendio!


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