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Top 5 Ways PR Can Benefit Your Small Business

By Ginger Comms
Aug 28, 2017 • 3 min read
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      PR, if used correctly, can be an incredibly powerful tool for you to reach out to your audience and draw them in as trusting customers. No doubt you are aware of the mantra “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”: generally speaking, that can be true, though here when defining PR, we will consider positive messages as the PR of choice. So if you are considering boosting your company’s PR efforts, and need more motivation to help you do so, here are the top five ways PR can benefit your business.

      1. PR helps give credibility to your brand.

      Of course, the ultimate aim of PR is to see your sales increase, and for any new company to do this you need one thing: credibility. No one will trust your brand or purchase from you without some kind of popular feedback, and PR can do exactly this for you. Seeing your brand’s name brought up in TV shows, on the radio, or across social media will demonstrate to prospective customers that you are a legitimate company that should be taken seriously. This does, of course, require good PR, to establish true credibility rather than just awareness.

      2. PR helps build a larger long-term customer base.

      One-time sales are good for businesses and help show that people want what you are purchasing, but for true success, you need long-term customers. Through initial rounds of PR, the credibility gained can get those initial customers, but with frequent mentions around different media outlets, people will realize that you are there to stay and can start to get attached to your brand in a much more meaningful way. So, instead of just purchasing one t-shirt or hoody on one occasion, with frequent PR mentions they will start to discuss you with more people and use you as their clothing brand of choice for the foreseeable future.

      3. PR helps open up new opportunities.

      Great PR means getting your business’s name in front of a wide number of eyes and ears who will then start to purchase from you. However, what also happens is that other people in your industry, or similar ones, will start to develop new opportunities that you may not have even considered. So, over time, rather than you pushing your message and your ideas, you start to get approached by other businesses looking to collaborate on exciting ventures and new opportunities that could take your business in directions you’d not yet considered.

      4. PR helps to attract talented employees.

      Similar to the above point, you will start to get approached by talented individuals who believe in your company’s mission and what you stand for, and would like to work for you. This is the exact reason that huge brands like Microsoft and Google continue to draw in the most talented tech-savvy employees year after year. Constant PR exposure has made them a staple of our society.

      5. PR helps your business gain investments.

      Whenever investors look to get involved with a new company, they want to know they can trust you and that your company is making a difference. Traditionally, seeking this kind of investment means endless trips to boards of directors to convince them of your worthiness, whereas with good PR, these important individuals will be aware of who you are, and will be more likely to either listen to your pitch or to approach you directly.

      With truly effective PR, your business can see benefits ranging from initial sales all the way to attracting new and exciting individuals, investors, and opportunities to your company, which in turn will help you grow more quickly. Good PR is not necessarily easy, and you may consider working with a dedicated PR research agency with the industry experience to know what is right for your business and how to get it in front of the people who matter.

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