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Your Uber Weapon—Emulation

Oct 07, 2014 • 2 min read
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      Here’s a concept that comes, curiously, as a surprise to many people in Jobs at the Top:

      You are the strongest force in your business!

      Think about it, candidly, honestly and specifically, every week. Have you been fully exerting your force? If you can’t answer with conviction, YES, then you’re not doing your job well enough. It’s as simple as that.

      Take heart. Most people aren’t. But most can. Those who believe unquestionably in themselves and in the nobility of what they’re trying to accomplish in and for their organizations can become the strong forces their businesses need.

      Don’t mistake this discussion as an argument about style. Any number of different styles—as long as they are anchored in love of self and love of duty—will work, from the “scorch the earth” gladiator to the soft-spoken pacifist. It’s not your angle of attack that counts. It’s your own deep confidence in who you are, as well as your unassailable belief in the goodness of your mission. those two attributes drive the degree to which the rest of your organization reflects and is inspired by who you are, top to bottom.

      Said differently, we’d all be better off if our business bookshelves were full of titles on “followership,” not leadership. the Job at the Top is to demonstrate clear motivation and ideals for followers, and to weed out those who don’t fit. Cohesive organizations, regardless of style at the top, have power. Divided ones don’t.

      How do you make your organization cohesive? By capitalizing on a common trait of human nature.

      The power of emulation!

      People who work for you want two things: clear signals of character at the top of the organization and confidence that they are part of something inspired and important. Regardless of your style, if you’re unwavering on both of these fronts, the power of emulation kicks in! Not only will others be encouraged to be like you, but outliers will also be purged. Some will leave of their own choosing. And when you help the reluctant to either get on board or move out, your actions will peg the applause-o-meter.

      If that’s not going on in your organization, it’s because you’re wavering on one or both fronts.

      In either instance, the power of emulation, and the degree to which it’s working for you, is worth your conscious monitoring and attention during your sixty minutes three days a week. If the number of employees who are emulating you is high, think about why that is and how you can keep those numbers up. If it’s not, think about where the flaw lies. Is it your confidence in yourself? Or are you wavering in your soulful commitment to your organization’s intention?

      Also think about how much you love yourself and about how much you love what  you are trying to get done.

      Are you worthy of emulation? Continue asking  yourself that question, because nearly everyone can reach the point at which, if they think about it enough, they can stand up and shout, YES!

      About the author
      Dick Cross

      Dick Cross is the founder and Managing Principal of The Cross Partnership III, a twenty-year-old, Boston-based, “hands-on” consulting and turn-around firm focused on improving the operating and financial performance of businesses owned by financial sponsors. Over the past decade, Dick has served as an interim President/CEO, leading successful business transitions in eight companies over the past twelve years.

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