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Uncertainty – 3 Ways to Turn Fear into Brilliance – Entrepreneur Addiction #43

Jul 02, 2012 • 3 min read
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       Three Ways to Turn Uncertainty into Brilliance

      “Turn Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance” – Jonathan Fields

      As a business owner, you have moments of uncertainty. So what are the best ways to turn uncertainty into a tool that propels your business forward?

      Lucky for us, we were introduced to Jonathan Fields, who has spent years learning how to do that exact thing. Jonathan sums up his research and learnings in his new book, “Uncertainty – Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance” and we were lucky enough to have him on this week’s podcast.

      Jonathan explained to us that life and business is filled with uncertainties. It’s what we do with those uncertainties that will largely determine our success. He said, “While starting or running a business, you will be confronted with moments of uncertainty. Uncertainty may cause fear or doubt; it may cause a paralysis effect. Don’t let fear stop you, lean into it and you will find brilliance.”

      I had a follow up question to his statement, “What are the top three ways to lean into fear and uncertainties to find this power you talk about?” Based on all his research he responded with these three.

       Three Ways to Lean into Uncertainty and Fuel Brilliance

      1. Create Certainty Anchors

      Create certainty anchors. Certainty anchors are daily rituals. This could be waking up a 5:30 a.m. and going to the GYM. It could be listening to your favorite music or radio station on your way to work. It could be meditating before you go to bed. In a world of uncertainty, certainty anchors provide a confident environment where your mind can be free. Using certainty anchors in a world of uncertainty will give you power to confront any challenge and solve it.

      2. Mindless Mediation

      We live in a world that constantly bombards us with information, lights, sounds, and technology. Take time each day to slow down. Turn off the sounds and relax. Try sitting down and think of nothing. This will be harder than you think. This will give you strength, it will refuel your life, and it will increase your creativity.

      3. Learn to Reframe

      During a time of uncertainty, what is the story you are telling yourself? Many times all you have to do is tell yourself a different story; reframe the situation.

      Advice for Small Business Owners

      Jonathan also provided great advice to small business owners. Ask yourself how you can make your business better. You might say, ‘the market is changing or customers are turning away from my business.’ In order to overcome this challenge, you need to constantly adapt to the market changes.  You need to quickly understand the new needs of your customers and why they are turning away. If you take that approach, you will find the market needs and drive your business forward.

      You can buy Jonathan’s book, “Uncertainty” here.

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