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Unlock the Business Potential of a Blog

Dec 13, 2017 • 2 min read
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      Have you noticed competitors or colleagues investing time into building up their blog for their business? Are you wondering why they’d want to pursue it or what benefit could come from it? If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, blogging is an inexpensive tool that helps small business owners build up their brand, drive traffic to their site, contribute to marketing efforts, and much more.

      You may have hosted a blog that’s gone dormant, perhaps you’re not the strongest writer, or maybe you feel you don’t have the time to contribute to a blog regularly. Whatever the reason you’ve been holding back, here are several motivators that show the business potential of a blog and how it can help you grow your business.

      Your Blog Demonstrates That Your Business

      … Is Run by Experts in Your Industry

      You can run an ad in a local paper that states you are the best mechanic around. You can even shell out enough for a local TV spot that shows your garage is well kept and staffed with warm and welcoming people. No matter what marketing strategies you use, just saying you’re great at something doesn’t have the same impact as showing that you’re great at it.   

      A blog helps you demonstrate to potential customers that you are an authority in your field. Adding to your professional persona this way introduces your business to the consumer in a way that normal advertising cannot. They can read your voice as an expert and begin to build trust with you before they even walk through the front door of your business.

      Choose topics that help explain the basics of your product or service and help your customers to better understand it. Helping your customers gain knowledge not only empowers them, but also positions you as an educator and expert on the subject.

      … Sells Worthwhile Products or Services

      Building off of the first step, your blog should also demonstrate why you are a worthwhile voice to listen to on the topic. Once you’ve gained trust and demonstrated your expertise on the subject, you can write posts that better explain your product or service. This way, the product or service has even more support since it’s endorsed by an expert.

      Write about your product or service in a way that’s honest and positive but not too salesy. You want your pitch to be genuine. Think about what sort of problem your product or service solves and how it can be of assistance in specific circumstances. Let your blog tell a story about your product or service so that your readers can relate better.

      … Is an Active Business

      Search engines love fresh content. First, it signals to the bots that crawl your site (indexing it so that it shows up in SERPs—search engine results page) that your site is not dormant and is updated regularly. Second, it provides you with new content to share on your social channels, ensuring you stay relevant and active across the web.

      Blogging about changes in the industry or upcoming trends that could be relevant to your customer base is another way to stay current and build onto your brand. Customers want to know that they are receiving a product or service from a company that is staying up-to-date with current trends.

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