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What You’re Saying About the Government Sticking its Hands Into Business Loans

Sep 01, 2011 • 7 min read
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      When the government puts its big hands in the mix to help small business, it often brings controversy. The SBA has been reformed. Legislatures almost killed it multiple times. Business owners either love or hate it. But lately, it seems they mostly hate it — at least the ones who are talking to us online.

      However, through it all, 20 million small businesses have received funding because of the SBA. It’s given many businesses a chance. But this post isn’t about that, this is about what you, the business owner, thinks about it. What is the pulse from the business owners who actually have dealt with getting SBA loans?

      See the History of the SBA Infographic

      If comments on our blog and Facebook are any indication, it’s not good. The venom at times is seething. Below is what you have to say about it. All comments are unedited. If any of you have had positive experiences with the SBA, please comment below. If you want to chime in with the haters, please do that, too:

      Comments About the SBA

      From Kevin Hodge
      “Dump em! They suck off the tit of nothing anyway. Since ’91 I have recieved nothing but time wasted from those bloated washed up has beens.”

      From Colette Lunceford
      “It should be an NPO run by independently wealthy, successful businessmen and women, who want to share their wisdom with the rising generation, not a federally funded program.”

      From Mitch Brinton
      “Hello, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help. NOT”

      From Douglas Karr:
      “This is a load of propaganda – the federal government isn’t supporting small business, it’s cutting them off. The proposed SBA budget stands at $985 million for 2012 — down from the $1.8 billion the SBA received in 2010, a total that was fueled in large part by $962 million in supplemental stimulus appropriations that were designed to help boost small-business loans. Those appropriations are no longer available for 2012. Other areas slated for budget cuts include Small Business Development Centers, which provide support and mentoring to entrepreneurs, and administrative costs, including a $7 million drop in salaries and expenses.”

      From P. Chaz Dean:

      “So ok given its hard for a financial institution to stay rich without the confidence of knowing they gone make money off every little thing that they do.

      Also given this is the worst circumstances of the economic structure in history since the great depression

      Fact these times were created by our current financial structure who lied cheated and stole (without prosecution) who because they messed up so bad that for them to keep afloat even after they’ve killed the masses have made it close to impossible to be funded by them because you can’t insure to keep them rich

      They’re answer the government gives them more money (not including the bailout billions that went to the executives of the companys) to pass out to the less fortunate but it was structured to not trust the little ppl who have not because how can they give to the ppl who have more they have nothing to take and everything to gain, also because the have mores took it all

      The financial institutions were built on the design of simple economics collect from the masses and distribute so that the masses will have more to give back to us

      The system that has come is no longer sensible to grow…its biting the hand that feeds you Just saying.”

      About the Small Business Lending Fund

      From Crytopean
      “300 days late and 20 billion short…..but better late than never. Small businesses are still in a world of hurt and unemployment is getting worse instead of better. The unfortunate part is that there are now fewer businesses or jobs that can be saved and fewer created from this program.”

      From Illeen Becker
      “Working with the local SBDC, I felt very confident that I had a sound, frugal business plan. After receiving over 1/2 from an angel investor, I went for an SBA loan and Micro-loan. The major banks, like Chase, need you to be established for over 23 months and the Microloans are for hispanics mainly, even though I qualified as a woman owned business in a rural setting. The regs are so high and are in favor of the banks only…This is regretable…”

      From Tara Kuzin
      “A few thoughts come to my mind reading this article. First, SBA does not work! Perhaps it worked in the past, but banks that we have spoken with told us there are no new funds available. In addition, most banks make SBA loans are available to companies that already have $1M in revenue or $500K in EBITDA. Yes, those companies will probably add jobs more quickly right away. However, if we don’t support startups, there won’t be $1M companies in 3-5 years from now. It’s great that these funds are slowly making through the system. I wish we could pick up the pace a bit!”

      From Joseph Varnadore
      “The small businesses that have been in business for years that really need these loans for working capital cannot qualify. The prolonged economic situation has damaged the business and personal credit of small business owners making it almost impossible to stay in business.”

      From Richard Gilmore

      “Richard Gilmore Gilmore’s Fleet Service And Maintenance. Ya know what I see and its the same ol same ol SBA is there to back people with out credit or people who have exhausted other means of funding. By the traditional means of funding one of the requirements is to have been turned down by your bank and a community bank. We are having all kinds of problems trying to get funded. I am telling you if there’s a way that I don’t think feels like an out right scam I will sign the paperwork. As far as hearing non citizens getting loans before us that is just all I can take don’t you have to read and write English to become a citizen?
      Here’s the real deal I am loosing out on a lot of money because I can’t get a loan. Without a plan I can not buy equipment and with out equipment I can not hire 5-6 new people. Without equipment I can not get my service contracts signed with my customers. Right now all I got is my good name and big clients waiting because I am that good.SBA only helps those who don’t really need it.”

      From Lee Reid
      “Today I have relied on others to help myself qualify for a loan. The change from 30 years ago was your name and bank loan officier knowledge of your integrity were enough. We as a society, have asked for tighter controls on banks and lending institutions to prevent fraud. Yet fraud still happens only it’s done by people of wealth or cyber criminals with small sentencing. The system of getting financed seems to have removed the integrity value.

      “The SBA do not loan monies, but only complicate the process. I was once told that if I qualified for an SBA loan they would have already made the loan without them. After all if you haven’t invested money into your business 2 for 1 how could the bank know your legitimate. Banks need the investment capital, but should value more eggs in the nest as a better gamble. They don’t. I would like to say things will get better but the people we elected to congress have shown there misgivings. What can we do. Because email or calls to the Senator accomplishes nothing, with my money they purchased an auto-reply machine. How fortuneate for them. While I’m hoping President Obama someday will listen to the voice of the small business as he once did, were doomed. Only the big three got the bailout. I’m still not used to hard work and luck for the answer.”

      Your Turn

      Is this also your opinion? Chime in.

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