How Women Have Narrowed the Gender Gap in Small Business

1 min read • May 27, 2022 • Jeanie Croasmun

Women are key contributors to the ever-evolving image of America’s small business owners. While the funding gap for women-owned businesses is still all-too real — 20% of employers are women-owned businesses yet they only account for 4.4% of every dollar loaned to businesses in the U.S. — women are still making big and fast strides in business ownership.

Here’s how far women-owned businesses have come since 1972 — when a mere 4.6% of businesses were owned by women.

women business owners 2022

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Jeanie Croasmun

Jeanie Croasmun is a writer, editor, and all-around news junkie who voluntarily (and gleefully!) listens to economics podcasts while she runs. She writes on current issues and other topics related to small business finance for Lendio.