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Viral Word Of Mouth Marketing Part 3: An Army of Loyal Customers

Jun 09, 2016 • 2 min read
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      When you’re working with the public, your top priority should be to ensure your customers always receive the highest level of customer service. Studies have shown, a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about their experience.

      On the other hand, when customers are happy, they tell their friends and you get more customers. In fact, 67% of people spend money with a business after getting a recommendation from a friend.

      So what does it take to build trust and gain word of mouth? Great customer service, a great product, and giving your customers a solid understanding of the benefits.

      Here are some tips on how to build an army of loyal customers through word of mouth marketing.

      1. Great Customer Service

      Army of Loyal CustomersListen

      Everyone wants to be listened to. Imagine you’re on a date, and you’re talking about something really personal. You look at your date and realize they have been on a phone call with someone else. Not a great feeling, right? Every customer is coming to you with a problem, and you can offer a solution. Listen to what they’re telling you, and solve their problem, that builds trust.

      Work Quickly

      Have you ever been placed on hold for 20 minutes or more? Instantly, you’re in a bad mood. If you deal with people’s problems quickly, they’ll appreciate you for it.

      Solve Their Problem

      Do whatever is in your power to help them with their problem. Consider the marketing value of a happy customer when determining how to best help them. If it’s a 20 cent part for their lawn mower, why not just give it to them for free? Next time they need a more expensive part, they’ll think of you first.

      2. Great Product

      It doesn’t matter if you have the best customer service in the world if you have a terrible product. Always ensure the customer is happy with their purchase and knows exactly what they are getting. Make sure the sales department is not promising benefits that aren’t available, and invest in good quality control. If your product solves people’s problems, they will talk about it.

      3. Explain The Benefits

      People like knowing they’ve made a good decision. Make sure when you sell your product you give them the complete list of features and benefits. Not only will this increase their trust in you, it will give them a list of benefits they will tell their friends about.

      What tactics have you found to work for your business? Share your experiences in the comments.

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      Tyler Heaps

      Tyler is a member of the Lendio marketing team. He is passionate about digital marketing, small business, and helping small business owners succeed. Tyler is an outdoorsman and loves spending time with his family.

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