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Business Advantage Credit Line

The Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Line helps you make large purchases, fund projects, or just bridge the gap between payables and receivables. No collateral required, no cash advance fees, and no interest charges until you use the funds - now those are business-boosting benefits.

Quick facts and Requirements

Loan Amount

$10,000 - $250,000

Loan Term

Revolving with Annual Renewal

Payment Frequency



$150 Origination Fee

Time to Funds

Typically 10 Days from Approval*

Benefits & Drawbacks

No collateral required
No cash advance fees
Only pay interest on the funds you use
Minimum 2 years in business under the existing ownership is required
Your annual business revenue must be $100,000 or more

Learn More About It

A Flexible Financing Solution
What can the Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Line be used for? Almost any business expense, really. It can provide you with working capital to bridge the gap between payables and receivables or give you access to funding for large purchases. You can also use it to increase your inventory, fund new projects, cover payroll, or simply take care of unexpected costs.

What's the Difference Between a Credit Card and a Credit Line
While credit cards and credit lines both offer flexibility of use, credit cards are best used for everyday business expenses. Lines of credit, on the other hand, are typically longer-term financing options in larger amounts with lower interest rates.

*Based upon Approval Officer successfully contacting customer and obtaining the necessary information for underwriting evaluation.

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