Business Credit Cards

Getting a credit card for your business is easy. All you have to do is apply. But before you go guns blazing into a credit card application, you should know a few things about applying for business credit cards. These tips will help you find the best card for your business needs.

Do I Need Great Credit to Apply?

No, you actually don’t. In fact, we often recommend that entrepreneurs apply for business credit cards when they’re having trouble securing other types of financing due to bad credit. Many business credit cards are easy to qualify for and allow the cardholder to build credit for their business.

What Can I Do to Increase My Odds of Getting a Business Credit Card?

There are a few things you can do to improve your odds of credit card approval.

1. Pay down outstanding balances on all of your cards before applying. The credit card company knows how much you owe, so paying down or paying off your balances will show them your creditworthiness. This tactic also tends to increase your credit score.

2. Increase the limit of your current credit cards (if you have any). This move shows that you can handle a credit card with a higher limit

3. Diversify your credit card collection. Open a retail store card once in a while. Not only will you get rewards at your favorite places to shop, but you’ll also show credit companies that you can keep balances low on multiple cards.

By following these tips, you’ll show business credit card providers that you can handle a fancy credit card with a high limit. They won’t be able to resist your business.

What Business Credit Card Should I Apply For?

Which card you apply for depends on the kinds of expenditures you make and the types of rewards you want to earn. There is a multitude of cards that suit different business needs:

Some cards offer more flexibility than others when it comes to payment terms and spending limits. Others have little (or no) annual fees. Maybe you want a card with desirable sign up bonuses. These cards offer great immediate rewards, but you often have to meet requirements before you qualify for the bonus. Also, foreign travel cards allow you to earn rewards, enjoy travel extras, and avoid foreign transaction fees.

The card you apply for should have the perks and rewards that benefit your business the most. You may need to research several different cards to find it. But we know your time is valuable, and there’s a way you can get a great credit card for your business without endless comparison shopping.

Apply For a Business Credit Card At a Lending Marketplace

When you apply for a credit card at a lending marketplace, like Lendio, it’s like applying for all of the best business credit cards at the same time. Oh, and the application only takes 15 minutes. Once the offers start to roll in, one of our lending experts can help you through the process of choosing the right one for your business.

Pretty easy, eh?

Apply for a business credit card today.

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