How Long Does A Loan Take To Process?

Glad you asked. While timelines vary by loan type and lender, we can usually provide you with small business financing options from interested lenders within a day or two of receiving your completed application.

After you compare these loan options and choose the best one for your business, we’ll work to finalize your loan agreement as quickly as possible. Once your loan has been approved and finalized, you can often access your funds in just 24 hours.

This means that the entire loan process, start to finish, can be completed in a mere 48-72 hours – especially for options like the SBA Express loan or accounts receivable financing, which are designed for speed and efficiency.

Some lenders also may ask you to submit additional documentation, such as P&L statements or financial projections. The faster you upload these documents, the faster we can work on getting you approved and funded.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering: faster doesn’t mean more expensive. Our marketplace features many small business loan options that offer reasonable rates and fast funding – because we’re all about giving you quality solutions.

Watch this short video to see how quickly you can get your small business loan.

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