Lendio believes in being Humble and Hungry


  • I put the customer before the company, company before my team, team before me
  • I don’t always have to be right
  • I gratefully accept feedback from my managers & peers
  • I admit when I make mistakes and work quickly to correct them
  • I regularly set aside time to help co-workers (even if it doesn’t directly impact my compensation)
  • I’m honest with my company (and myself) on my performance
  • I do what’s best for the company (or my team), even if I don’t personally benefit from it
  • I place trust in the strategy of the company, even if I don’t always understand the “why”


  • My results can be measured.
  • I deliver more value to the company than I am compensated.
  • If needed, I put in the extra time and/or effort needed to accomplish company/team/personal goals.
  • I take it upon myself to improve my skills and grow as an employee.
  • I regularly achieve or exceed my work goals/objectives.
  • I’m willing to move quick enough to make mistakes.
  • I care about winning. I put in the effort to be a meaningful contributor on a winning team.
  • I like being measured.

Our Core Values


Own the Outcome

At Lendio, we’re not only encouraged to take ownership of what we do, it’s expected. Nobody wants to sit around waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. Our CEO Brock emphasizes, “You’re the CEO of your role.”


Profitable to Others

We drive profit to customers, partners and franchisees. It’s not enough for Lendio to be profitable if we aren’t helping our customers, partners and franchisees be profitable too. We always ask, “How will this impact the borrowers and the lenders we work with? Is this good for them?”


Life at Mach 10

We hustle, we iterate, and we have fun. We enjoy working together and we enjoy working with our customers. We’re helping fuel the American Dream and we feel a sense of urgency to give our best. That, is fun.


No Road Blocks

We take a creative approach to problem solving: over, under, around, or through. We believe no problem is an obstacle too big to overcome. We work together to solve problems and create solutions.


All Players Are Valuable

We expect high performance and offer upward trajectory. A lot of companies merely say their franchisees and people are important, but we do more than talk about it. High performance is rewarded with opportunities to advance and grow.



Competition is our lifestyle. We’re not afraid to compete in the marketplace and actually look forward to the challenges of competition. We won’t back down simply because you’re bigger or have been around longer. We’re in it to win.

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The Lendio Manifesto

We believe in the business owners of America. The visionaries. The dreamers and doers. We’re for those who roll up their sleeves to build something by their own industry, sweat and sheer determination. We’re for the driven few who imagine possibilities and then dedicate day after day to making them real. We’re for fueling the American Dream.

We believe in: Growth. Results. Winning. Our customers’ business is critical to them. So it’s critical to us. We believe nothing is “not my job” and we’ll roll up our sleeves, cast aside our comfort zones and dive into the details to drive profit for customers and partners. We’re for letting the facts, data and stories drive decisions. We’re for doing, then doing better. We’re for moving quickly with calculated risk and accountability. Launch. Gather data. Iterate. Rinse and repeat.

We believe Customer > Company > Team > Self. We believe in each other and the power of the collective. We believe we can. We’re for passion, confidence and putting in the work it takes to be great. We’re for the people in the game (and we’re all in the game—there are no sidelines here). We’re for dropping whatever we’re doing when somebody needs our help.

We believe life is seriously fun. We’re for sticking to a task until the task is done. We’re for following through and following up. We’re for the therapeutic value of ping pong. We’re for breaking ground, finding a way where there aren’t paths to follow. We’re for open, honest, direct communication, even when it’s uncomfortable.

We’re Humble. Hungry. We’re Lendio.