At Lendio, we believe that franchising is the perfect complement to our core company values. Our company is founded on helping small business owners achieve their dreams and through franchising, we can add countless more business owners to the growing list of thousands that we help each year. But just because you are a franchisee doesn’t mean you won’t get the benefits of Lendio! Here’s the support you’ll get for becoming a Lendio franchisee.

Franchise Relations and Support

The culture of our organization rings true no matter which division, team or role you are in. Because we want to ensure that our franchisees enjoy fueling the American Dream as much as we do, it is very important to us that our support is the best available.  We take a creative approach to problem solving, meaning we will help you confront every obstacle. We will work together with you to solve problems and create solutions. The support that you receive from your Franchise Support Team will always be “Humble and Hungry”. You can expect stellar support in the following areas:



As soon as you’re approved to become a Lendio franchisee, we will get you scheduled to come to our comprehensive 6-day training at Lendio’s headquarters, in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. At this training, some of the brightest minds in the business will educate you on every part of the Lendio Franchise. From opening to operating to growing your business, nothing is left to chance. Remember: You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Technology & Tools

As a Lendio franchisee, you and your employees will have access to Lendio’s business loan marketplace as well as our custom-built Sales Management tool, Pipeline. Business analytics software will provide robust data reporting to you so you have full visibility into how your business is performing on its own, regionally, and overall. We will also assist you with creating a microsite for your Lendio business. In addition, you will have access to other great training and support tools.



Through our internal network you will have full access to Lendio branded marketing tools and systems, from business cards to TV commercials and everything else in between. Our Franchise support specialists will help you create your first-year marketing plan and walk you through the dos and don’ts of local marketing. Most importantly, we will help you measure your marketing results so you can repeat what worked and scrap what didn’t!


Sales Support

Your support team will be available to help you grow and bring on business. We will remove obstacles and coach you through the process of helping other small business owners. Much of your initial and ongoing training will be focused on helping you understand the sales process and improving you and your team’s sales skills. The concept and service are so valuable and in high demand that you’ll be up and running in no time!

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