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Cleaning Service Loans

Cleaning services have become an integral part of the way other industries are providing safety measures for their customers and employees. As a result, you may find that your cleaning business has attracted increased demand, whether that’s an increase in the number of requested cleanings from existing clients, an uptick in new client inquiries, or an expansion of your business from commercial to residential cleanings (or vice versa). These business loans can help you finance necessary expenditures to help your cleaning service grow.

Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance allows you to borrow against future earnings for capital today. With this loan, you can borrow against future cleanings with existing clients to hire more employees, purchase equipment and supplies, or to pay for increased safety measures. Repayments are based on your daily sales or daily credit card sales.

ACH Loans

An ACH loan can be a small business’s best friend when you need fast cash. ACH loans, also referred to as “cash flow loans,” are often funded in as little as 24 hours, making it a solution when time is of the essence. Because payments are deducted straight from your business bank account, you don’t have to remember to schedule payment reminders.

Equipment Loans

An equipment loan can help you finance equipment purchases like automatic floor scrubbers, high-performance commercial vacuums, a car/truck/van for your cleaning workers to drive to their appointments, or even an upgraded computer system. Because an equipment loan is secured by the equipment you’re using it to purchase, it’s often a more accessible type of loan when it comes to borrower requirements.

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit provides financing for whatever you need, whenever you need it. With a line of credit, your cleaning service can borrow against a predetermined amount. You can withdraw as much as you need, repay, and repeat as often as your business needs require over the course of the loan term. So whether you need to hire staff or place a small order for PPE equipment, you have funds available.

Short Term Loans

When you have an immediate need for funds that can be repaid quickly, a short term loan can cover you. Funds can be made available as little as 24 hours after approval. Keep in mind that interest rates are higher with this loan type, so it’s best used for “short term” capital needs, as its name suggests.

Business Credit Cards

Like a doctor reminding you to eat an apple a day, this is our time to remind you how a business credit card can support the health of your cleaning service. Instead of covering regular expenses in cash, using a business credit card will help you boost your business credit, which makes you a more appealing borrower when you want to apply for other loans. With a variety of different reward offerings, you can earn tons of perks with necessary business spending.


Plan for How You’ll Use Your Cleaning Service Loan

Small business loans can help you pour gasoline on the fire to the success of your business, but cash just for cash’s sake won’t turn your cleaning service into a national, regional, or even local behemoth. To ensure that you maximize the benefits of your cleaning service loan, make a plan. Deciding ahead of time how you’ll allocate the funds, what return you expect based on your investment, and how you plan to repay the loan can set you up for a successful borrowing experience.

Ask for Help from the Experts

You don’t need to be an expert in business lending in addition to being the expert in cleaning that we know you already are. At Lendio, we pair you with a funding manager, a small business loan expert, who can walk you through the process, answer any questions you have, and help you weigh loan options to help you make the savviest financial decision for your business.

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