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Acquiring a business loan for a small retail business can be a breeze if you know where to look. With our 15-minute application and platform with 75+ lenders, we’ve helped many retail stores get the small business loans they need to grow.

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Retail Business Loans

Looking to find the best loan options for your retail business? We recommend starting with these tried-and-true financing favorites for retail.

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit offers your retail business a financial safety net with maximum flexibility. This financing option can be ideal if you have a seasonal business or if you need financing to make large inventory purchases.

Short Term Loans

The short term loan was designed to help business owners “in a pinch.” If you need to finance a short term project—like that leaky pipe that’s dripping on the sales floor—or get you through a slump, a short term loan can be just the small business loan for you. Better yet, short term loans are flexible, which means you can use them for just about anything your retail business needs.

Business Term Loans

The OG of small business loans. Whether you’re planning an expansion, opening a second location, or working to build credit for your retail business, a business term loan is a classic. With lower rates and longer terms, the business term loan is the perfect match for the slow and steady retail business owner.

Equipment Loans

If you’re looking to finance a new point of sale (POS) system, invest in new signage, or equip the store with a security system, consider an equipment loan. Because the loan is secured, it can make financing more accessible for small retail business owners. Plus, it was designed for just this type of purchase.

SBA Loans

The SBA backs a variety of different loans. These loans offer enviable rates and terms, but they are often on the slower end of financing, and they’re competitive. If you’re planning for the long haul, SBA loans might be right for you. Learn more about the different types of SBA loans.

Business Credit Cards

Most businesses should have a business credit card. A business credit card can help you build business credit and earn rewards for your everyday business purchases. For retail businesses that don’t yet qualify for other forms of financing, a business credit card can offer a flexible, accessible way to secure the financing you need.


Make a Plan for How You’ll Use Your Retail Loan

With over 10 different loan products from more than 75 lenders, our platform likely offers a loan that fits your needs. But which one? To help you decide which small business loan is right for your retail business, set clear intentions:

  • What do you need the funds for?
  • How, specifically, will you use them?
  • And how will this change generate more revenue for your business?

Make use of expert help

When you apply for a retail loan through Lendio, we provide a dedicated funding manager to walk you through the experience. Funding managers provide expertise in small business financing, so they can help you weigh your options and recommend the right loan for you, based on the specific needs of your retail business.

Let lenders compete for you

The benefit of a lending marketplace like Lendio is that multiple lenders offer the same loan product. Let lenders compete for you so that you can get the best rates and terms for your retail business loan.


Apply for a Retail Small Business Loan

If you’re not sure which loan product might be right for your business, you can still apply for financing through Lendio. Our single application gives you access to every loan product and lender. Once you know what you may qualify for, your personal funding manager can help you navigate your options.

How to apply

Fill out this single, 15-minute application to start weighing your options today.

“I was trying to expand my business to a second location. Lendio was a great help when others were not. Jason and Travis were able to explore all avenues for funding and walk me through the process in terms I could understand. Thanks for all your help guys and I highly recommend them when trying to obtain funding.  My second store is now open!”

– Shelley Walsh

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