Millennials: An Ambitious Generation of Small Business Owners

Millennials are set to become a generation of entrepreneurs. In fact, a new study says that more than half of millennials (those born in the last twenty years of the twentieth century) would leave their current positions and start a small business if they knew how to find financing. A similar number were planning to launch a startup within the next three years.

Small Business Owners

Blazing a New Trail

These statistics are remarkably different from the entrepreneurship of Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. Less than a quarter of boomers or Gen-Xers own their own business, 30% of millennials already do. Millennials are missing the input of mentors, though. Some 58% of them expressed that they would be more interested in starting a small business if they had someone older to offer guidance and support.

Millennials are a notoriously creative generation. Their ambition and value of self-expression sets them apart from other age groups. In fact, their determination may spell out a brighter economic outlook for all of us.

Access to Funding Is the Last Hurdle

Access to small business loans is an issue for this driven generation, especially for female millennials. More than two-thirds of women surveyed said that finding and securing loans stood as the greatest hurdle to starting a business.

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