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It’s time to get back to business.
Find the perfect loan for your small business in {{page_title}}
It’s time to get back to business.
Find the perfect loan for your small business in {{page_title}}

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Franchise Owner
Marvin Wilson
Franchise Owner
Marvin Wilson
US Navy Veteran Marvin Wilson is an entrepreneur who has built successful businesses in the travel industry and in event promotion and ticketing. After working with his father’s travel company, Marvin had his first taste of business. Understanding the economic trend of business, he became more aware of what the business principles are built on credit and capital. He is passionate about educating others on how to sustain their business using credit and capital as a tool. He will provide one on one consultations and financial education. Marvin will assist business owners with receiving business funding in the current economic climate. He has developed a successful financial services company that began at his kitchen table with next to no resources. Marvin's unique perspective is based on life experience a vast part of which was shaped during his military service both during Desert Storm and at the Pentagon. He understands policy and legislation and believes that social justice should be meaningful and achievable. Marvin has founded a financial literacy academy to empower and educate the youth on the importance of making positive life choices and to build future entrepreneurs.

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