Helping you turn your Vermont small business into a community cornerstone.

Whether you’re a native Vermonter or a transplant, you love the “greenness”  of our beautiful state — our “green attitude”, our Green Mountains, even our green license plates!  You also love our “can-do” attitude found in the small cities, small towns, and rural farmlands across our spell-binding landscape.  It’s only a flourishing climate of small businesses that can support this kind of diversity.
Small businesses are only as strong as their funding, but they don’t always fit the mold that traditional lenders require.  That’s why John Jacob, a local small business owner himself, brought the first Lendio franchise in the country to Vermont and he has become the trusted local source for small business loans.  One free, no obligation application gives you access to more than 15 loan product options from 75 different lenders! With John’s personal service and expertise, he’s able work with Lendio’s lending partners and local small businesses to help you get the “green” you need to see your business excel in its own unique way.
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