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Seamlessly connect your cloud software and business bank accounts to centralize your cash flow. Feel confident managing your business with one centralized dashboard.

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Take action with financial insights

Be empowered to make sound financial decisions. Project when to hire new employees, what to charge your customers, and how to best manage your expenses. Go beyond data, and get real insights to take positive actions.

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Make getting paid easier

With Lendio’s mobile app, you get paid quickly. Accept credit cards, give your customers multiple payment methods (including Stripe), and make it easier than ever to get paid.

Tools to minimize your tax burden

Benefit from smart business management tools to help you lower your tax burden and manage your capital more effectively.

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Why a mobile app?

Getting access to working capital has always been a daunting task. Lendio’s marketplace has led the way in providing access to smart online lending solutions for small businesses. With its mobile app, Lendio now provides critical tools that empower businesses to qualify for the funding they need.

Hear what beta users are already saying:

“It’s clear, concise, and easy to understand. All in one place instead of 5 different apps.”

“I am already sold on it. It has a lot of valuable information. Normally to get this information I have to pull up multiple apps.”

“This app is valuable, time savings, and it feels very concise to get the data I need. Goes beyond quickbooks, analytics, or banking.”

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