Sledgehammers for Loyalty—Business Fuel Podcast #82

Two practices that really make a difference in creating customer and employee loyalty

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It doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to influence your customers or your employees, check out this week’s podcast to learn what Dick Cross calls the two “sledgehammers” for creating loyalty. In today’s world, as more and more of the products and services sold by small businesses are commoditized by their availability online, building loyalty is critical to small business success. The buying experience is what sets one business apart from another—you might be surprised at what Dick suggests really makes the difference. And, it’s not features, functions, or price.

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  • Ty Kiisel

Small business evangelist and veteran of over 30 years in the trenches of Main Street business, Ty makes small business financing and trends accessible in common sense language devoid of the jargon. Ty writes about small business financing and other best practices for Lendio, in addition to sharing his passion for small business every week on He's also the author of the book, Getting a Business Loan: Financing Your Main Street Business.

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