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What a Short Term Loan Can Do For Your Business

Get The Best Short Term Loan For Your Business

Short term business loans are designed to help meet short term financing needs. They can be a flexible option for business owners to better manage cash flow, deal with unexpected events, or help take advantage of a great deal. These types of business loans have set repayment terms, fixed interest rates, and a principal value.core.

Loan Amount $2,500 - $250,000
Loan Term 1 - 5 years
Interest Rate 8% - 13%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Time to Funds 1 - 4 weeks
  • Great for short term expansion projects
  • Improve your credit with fixed rates
  • Flexible options for a variety of business purposes
  • Some loans may require collateral
  • You may need to provide personal and business tax returns
  • You will need to provide P&L statements and balance sheets

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Typically, most small businesses can qualify for a short term loan, given they have past experience in the related field. Business owners will need to provide tax information and basic loan applications. The interest rate and loan amount will depend on your business revenues, history, and credit score.

What is a Short Term Loan?

These types of loans are sort of like a “normal” business loan. Generally, these loans provide a fixed payment over 1 to 5 years and are normally backed by collateral such as a car or another tangible asset. They can also be used for a wide range of business purposes.

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What Types of Businesses is it Good For?

Term loans are forms of debt financing. Business owners can use them to meet short-term financing needs like managing cash flow, new business opportunities, or working capital. These types of loans are provided by both traditional and non-traditional lenders. Any business that has been in operation for more than two years with good credit can utilize a short term loan.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

Generally, most lenders will consider your credit score, time in business, and possible collateral to determine whether or not the small business owner will be able to get the loan. It is in the best interest of the business owner to have excellent credit, bulletproof P&L statements, and a record of its bank statements.

How Much Will a Short Term Loan Cost?

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Term loan rates range from six to thirteen percent. Typically, these loans have fixed interest rates or fees and fixed monthly payments. This structure provides the same payments over the life of the loan and you will know exactly when the loan will be paid off

Why Use Lendio?

Lendio’s mission is to empower your business by making small business loans simple through options, speed, and trust. Whether you are looking for an acquisition loan or startup loan, Lendio offers hundreds of different loan products from a variety of lenders. Finding out which business loan is best for you is why we’re here.

Lendio makes the whole process incredibly simple. Our technology instantly sifts through all loan types and lenders, then we match you with the right small business loans, and other business financing options.

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