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Axis is how lending should be.

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Axis self-manages lending operations, so you can drive new revenue, reduce costs, increase margins, expand capacity, manage risk, and optimize customer experience.

The Realities of Small Business Lending

  • Cost prohibitive:  Low margins, high underwriting costs
  • Inadequate risk policies: Risk policies that don’t address small business operations
  • Process heavy: Time-consuming, manual processes for prequalifying borrowers and underwriting loans
  • Resource restrictive: Limited staffing resources to provide the attention needed for small business loans
Dive Deeper

Powering SMB Lending with Data Science

Axis is more than loan-management or loan-origination software. It is a dynamic autonomous lending solution that fuses business logic with machine learning to boost risk management and automate decisioning. You gain confidence and reduce effort with every small business loan you close.

Optimize customer experience
Unlock new markets and revenue opportunities
Increase lending staff capacity
Reduce customer acquisition costs
Enable more meaningful customer interactions
Mitigate fraud
Manage risk
Boost competitive advantage

Overcoming Traditional Lending Barriers With Smart Technology

Backed by a team of data scientists, engineers, and customer experience experts, Axis is a SaaS technology that delivers the following capabilities:

Prequalify small businesses for capital funding.

Axis proactively synthesizes information to pre-qualify candidates for business loans.

Autonomize lending operations from end to end.

The solution autonomously manages the entire process from application to closing. For example, analyzing bank transactions to generate cash flow calculations—delivering quicker speed-to-offer for your customers.

Capture a 360-degree view of the customer profile.

 Axis compares borrower-submitted information with pre-validated third-party data to capture an accurate and comprehensive picture of the small business and its owner.

Build credit reports based on your risk rules.

Axis can be configured with the risk policies you set, to drive  compliance and consistency.

Apply machine learning in your favor.

Axis intelligently analyzes millions of data points around loan performance and applies the insights to enhance the scrutiny of each application.*

Optimize loan prices.

Our solution applies complex risk analysis to determine the ideal loan price.*

*Upcoming feature not available until general release

Empower your teams with Axis

Lending Teams

Reach and serve more of your  business community by expanding your team’s capacity to make small business lending more profitable, and more attainable.

Risk and Compliance Teams

Manage large data sets, improve decision-making, and strengthen risk mitigation, while ensuring compliance with CDFI regulations.

Retail Teams

Fine-tune loan products to meet and reach all customer needs—including formerly underserved business owners—and effectively grow customer loyalty.

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