Lendio: Simplifying the
Small Business Loan Process

Small businesses are the backbone of America with 50% of U.S. businesses employing over 60 million people. The founders at Lendio found it surprising that more resources weren’t already available to help small business owners find working capital and they wanted to help simplify a very complicated process.

As a result, Lendio created a matching platform to help you skip the leg work of looking for a business loan. Completing one free application will put you in front of over 75 lenders so you don’t have to spend days or weeks working on 75 separate applications. We can take the headache out of obtaining a small business loan so you can get back to more important things.

It's free and won't hurt your credit!

A Small Business Loan Marketplace That Gives You Options

Your loan options may be limited simply by the fact that you don’t have enough time in the day to spend on dozens of applications to find the right one. Lendio knows your time is precious, so we created a marketplace of lenders where one application will get you in front of over 75 lenders for review. By having so many options in one place, it helps you get the best deal for your business, without the headache.

One application, over 75 lenders.
Let us help you get back to more important things.

Sometimes the application alone can be a time-consuming process if you aren’t familiar with all of the requirements. Lendio will help guide you every step of the way and neatly package your information to get it to loan underwriters faster. And since our platform is almost entirely online, many loans can be approved in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

A Small Business Advocate You Can Trust.

As an advocate for small businesses, Lendio has your business’s best interest in mind. Since we are not the lenders themselves, but rather a marketplace that brings 75+ lenders together, we truly do want you to find the best loan for your business and will do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with what you get.

Success Stories From Our Customers

Lindie Royall

Lindie Royall

Becca Grider and Lindie Royall of Little Poppy Co. needed funding to manage the rapid growth of their company. Through Lendio, they were able to find a loan product that fit their needs perfectly.

"(Lendio) was awesome, because we were able to submit all our information online. And then they contacted us, and they were able to show us what our different options were."

Lindie Royall, Little Poppy Co.

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Jake Fackrell

Jake Fackrell

Jake Fackrell needed a loan to grow his business that was taking off. Lendio helped him get multiple offers and finally the right business loan.

"First, we went to banks... with no result. I asked around and a friend recommended Lendio. The process was easy and within minutes I had business loan offers in my inbox."

Jake Fackrell, Humaneyezed

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Rick Hagen

Rick Hagen

Thanks to Lendio, Rick can fulfill his dream of providing excellent customer service, and finding his clients the car of their dreams.

"If I hadn't heard of you guys, I don't know what I would have done. You just believed in me."

Rick Hagen, Euro Motor Werks

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"What used to take months is now being accomplished in weeks."

"Lendio is a simple process for business owners."

"Lendio introduces business owners to active lenders."

Find the right small business loan for your business

Lendio makes it easy for business owners to obtain small business loans with the Lendio Marketplace. Simply answer a few questions about your business and the capital you need to grow or start your business, and you will be instantly matched with small business loan options. This allows you to choose the best loan to fit your business needs. Lendio works with a network of over 75 lenders to offer you the best loan options. Some of the small business loans offered include, SBA Loans, startup Loans, equipment loans, commercial real estate loans and more.

Learn more about different types of business loans. Many people start their research by learning if an SBA loan is right for their business.

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