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How A Line Of Credit Helped This Expanding Burger Chain

When this family-owned chain of restaurants started to expand, it exhausted one owner’s cash reserves. He turned to Lendio for some just-in-case funds.

How Seven Brothers Grew Their Business

The family-owned Seven Brothers chain of burgers and fries restaurants got its start behind a gas station in the beach town of Kahuku, Hawai

Reason for a loan

Working Capital


Food Services



Amount Borrowed

Line of credit

“When the time came to accept a loan, it was a two-day process before funds were in my account.”

Before Lendio

Sterling Hannemann, an owner of the first Seven Brothers in Utah, needed a just-in-case line of credit after using up his reserves to buy out his partner.

After Lendio

Despite not needing to use much of those funds, Sterling was glad he had a partner in Lendio to turn to.

Seven Brothers’ Story

Expanding a family business can be tough, especially when you open a new location far away from its original base.

This is the situation Sterling Hannemann and his brothers found themselves in 2017 when opening the first Utah location of Seven Brothers, the burger chain started by their father Art in Hawaii. The Utah location eventually found success, but not without challenges: Sterling found it hard to market his restaurant in a more suburban locale. But word of mouth and customer reviews proved strong enough for Sterling to buy out his partner, returning full ownership to the family. Doing so, however, diminished his on-hand cash reserves, so he turned to Lendio for a line of credit.

“The Lendio process was amazing,” Sterling says. “They went at my pace; luckily I wasn’t desperate so I was able to take my time. But when the time came to accept a loan, it was a two-day process before funds were in my account.”

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