Our Culture

Make a Difference

Make a Difference

It’s awesome to be a part of something that makes a difference. Did you know that 70 percent of the jobs in our country are in small businesses? Every day we match thousands of small businesses with the financing they need to grow, thrive, and hire new employees. Fueling the American Dream isn’t just a tagline or a slogan to us, it’s our mission, our motivation, and why we love being Lendions.

Life at Mach 10

Life at Mach 10

If you’re not content to let things like roadblocks get in your way, you’ll love working at Lendio. We see challenges as opportunities and consider being scrappy a highly desirable character trait. Yes, you’ll be challenged to show up with your ‘A’ game. Yes, you’ll be asked to do things you may have never thought you could. And yes, it will blow your mind when you find out that you can.

Work Together

Work Together

Our culture is really important to us and we think it’s more than the great working environment, the benefits, our unlimited PTO policy, and perks like the Ping-Pong table. We love these elements, but what’s more important is that we can count on each other to show up every day and give our best. It’s amazing how much fun you can have working with a team of overachievers.

Our Core Values


Own the Outcome

Integrity, accountability, and results. At Lendio, you’re not only encouraged to take ownership of what you do, it’s expected. Nobody wants to sit around waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. Brock likes to say, “You’re the CEO of your job role."


Profitable to Others

We drive profit to customers and partners. It’s not enough that Lendio is profitable if we aren’t helping our customers and partners be profitable too. We’re always asking, “How will this impact the borrowers and the lenders we work with. Is this good for them?”


Life at mach 10

We consider ourselves scrappy, we hustle, we iterate, and we have fun. We enjoy working together and we enjoy working with our customers. We’re helping fuel the American Dream and we feel a sense of urgency to give our best. That is fun.


No Road Blocks

We take a creative approach to problem solving—over, under, around, or through. We believe no problem is an obstacle too big to overcome. We work together to solve problems and create solutions.


Lendio is its Peeps

We expect high performance and offer upward trajectory. A lot of companies claim their people are important - we just happen to do more than talk about it. High performance is rewarded with opportunities to advance and grow your career.



Competition is our lifestyle. We’re not afraid to compete in the marketplace and actually look forward to the challenges of competition. We won’t back down simply because you’re bigger or have been around longer. We’re in it to win.

Working at Lendio

Our Culture is Our People

Our Culture is Our People

Most companies understand that good company culture is important. But many companies confuse workplace design, activities, and perks as culture. We know that culture is the organic outgrowth of the collective experience of our team members. Stated succinctly, our culture is our people. Take away the people and what is left means nothing. We are hyper-focused on enabling a purposely elevated culture where our people build meaningful relationships that drive tremendous business success.

Health and Wellness Covered

Health and Wellness Covered

For starters, Lendio offers comprehensive health benefits through UnitedHealthcare, including Medical insurance, Dental care, Vision care, and even Life insurance. Lendio also offers lots of extras like Health Savings Accounts with a generous employer contribution, wellness initiatives with a fitness center reimbursement, and access to doctor and nurse treatments from your mobile phone. Lendio also provides a 401(k) retirement plan with a company match. Lendio is serious about providing a great benefits package to protect our people and their families.

Paid Time Off When You Need It

Paid Time Off When You Need It

Unlimited PTO. We believe successful individuals have a strong work-life balance. Working hard, achieving results, and celebrating by doing what you love is key to our business success. Creativity, problem solving, and innovative ideas often come while away from the office. For these reasons, we embrace a “work hard, play hard” culture in which high-performing team members feel comfortable to take a rest when they need it.

A Career at Lendio

“Any success we’ve been able to achieve at Lendio really is a tribute to our entire team. Our team members work very hard to make Lendio a success and we couldn’t accomplish what we do without the team’s collective contributions. We focus on an upward trajectory of our team members and their careers"

Brock Blake Founder, CEO