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Benefits of a lending marketplace

What makes a lending marketplace different from applying through a bank or a single lender? Here are 5 things every business owner should know about a business lending marketplace.

Secured vs. unsecured loans

You have numerous choices when it comes to obtaining a loan for your business, which makes it crucial to consider every angle carefully before submitting applications.

Business collateral tips

Small business loans are usually the most cost-effective type of funding, but you’ll need to put up collateral to secure these loans. Banks and other lenders determine interest rates, loan amounts, and other terms based on the amount and type of collateral you have to offer them.

FAQs about Lendio.

The actual cadence and method of your payments will depend on the lender and loan type you choose, as well as factors such as your business history. Typically, the stronger your business and credit, the less frequently you’ll have to make loan payments and the more payment processing options you’ll have.

Lendio makes it easier to get approved for a small business loan. You won’t need nearly as much paperwork to apply. Our online application connects you with more than 75 lenders. The application process is totally free—you only pay when your loan gets funded. Once your application is complete, one of our funding managers will contact you to discuss the best loan option for you.

APR is a common abbreviation for annual percentage rate, which is the amount of interest accrued on debt held for one year. In other words, your APR is the annual cost of your loan. For example, if you owed $10,000 and your APR were 10%, by the end of the year you would owe $11,000 (assuming you’d made no other payments during that time period).