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Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage could be the foundation of your small business.

Building out your business location is a smart way to increase your assets. Every renovation, upgrade, or expansion adds value to your property, gives you the space you need to streamline operations, or attracts more customers. A commercial mortgage can help you do all this, and more.

Remember, there's more at stake than square footage. Making a smart financing move could help you build a firmer foundation for your small business - both literally and fiscally.

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Use your commercial mortgage for just about any property need.

A commercial mortgage is almost as flexible as an Olympic gymnast. Brand new to the entrepreneur life? Put down just 10% and buy your first location. Been in business a few years? Use your commercial mortgage to add a second location or get cash for upgrades. Been around even longer than that? Refinance to reduce your monthly payments.

Whether you need office, restaurant, retail, or warehouse space, a commercial mortgage will help you put a nice roof over your head.

Here's everything you can use a commercial mortgage for:

  • Buy - Get out of that lease and get into property ownership. Leverage financing to buy that business location you've had your eye on.
  • Build - Can't find the right space for your business? Create one! A commercial mortgage can cover all your construction costs.
  • Expand - Your location needs to grow with your business. Add more square footage when you've outgrown your current space.
  • Remodel - Renovate an older or outdated location to attract more customers. This works wonders for restaurants and retailers.
  • Refinance - Extend your payment term and adjust your interest rate by refinancing with a commercial mortgage.

You can qualify - as long as you have a blueprint for how you’ll use the cash

Because a commercial mortgage is an asset-based loan, the loan amount and rate of your commercial mortgage will largely be based on your credit and the value of the property you’re using as collateral. So a prime retail space in Los Angeles may be easier to finance than a rural storage unit a few hours outside of Fargo, North Dakota. Take this into consideration when choosing where you'll buy or build...

If you’re planning on making upgrades to a property, your lender will want to know about them. For full-scale property renovations, your lender will also want to assess the after-repair value (commonly called ARV) of the property. Be sure you have a plan for how you'll use the mortgage before you apply - that way you'll have answers to all the lender's questions.

Some of the property-related documents you may be asked to provide include:

  • Purchase contract
  • Property blueprints
  • Market analysis for the property
  • Project budget and scope of work
  • Assessment of the property's existing condition
  • P.S. While you're rounding up those documents, why not see what your commercial mortgage options are? You can use our online application to compare options from 75+ lenders. Don't worry, there's no cost or obligation.


Low interest rates increase the curb appeal.

A commercial mortgage isn’t just flexible - it’s also cost effective. With interest rates as low as 4.25%, you’ll know you’re getting an excellent deal.

To determine how much your monthly payments will be, use our calculator. Just plug in a few numbers and we'll do the math for you.


Needed capital to do some renovations for my business. The money I borrowed helped me do that, and now more clients are coming in than ever.

Matt D.

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